Are You Ready For Change?

Welcome and breathe. You are safe.

 You are in the right place if you are ready to:

  • stop struggling with the same issues

  • learn how to trust yourself & build healthy relationships

  • get out of your head & see things more positively

  • overcome and heal from family trauma

  • take actions and reach your goals

  • connect with who you are meant to be

  • get the support you need to make choices

  • learn new ways to live life and be happy

  • move from victim to Goddess/Hero of your own life 

  • discover your amazing gifts and inner wisdom


I help people find the answers within to create a life with meaning. 

Everyone has a purpose.  You can choose an amazing life, one worth living.


I Help You Get Amazing Rapid Transformation And Lasting Results

A life coach is an expert in their field and trained to get you where you want to be. 

I help you figure things out for yourself, like:

  • who am I, what do I really want, what makes my life matter?

  • what keeps getting in the way?

  • how do I get my answers, how do I change, how do I stick with it, can I do it, can I be happy?


You CAN do this.

You can strengthen your relationships, you can grow, you can deepen your spiritual life and heal your inner child that has been longing for attention. Once you learn how to release your fears, release all that wasted energy, you will love how you feel.  You can feel happy & positive about YOUR life.  


I am here to support you as you return to love. I'd be honoured to be your coach & help you get empowered in your own life! Sign Up and Never Miss An Update! 


Are You Ready to BE a Life Coach?

Have you been doing your inner work and now you are ready to take it to the next level? 

That is exactly what happened to me!  First, I had to do my own healing, and then I realized I could offer so much to people who had been suffering just like I had.  It was an exciting realization!! 

Eventually, a client who had worked with me and had her own awakening returned with an idea.  

Would I mentor her?  Would I teach her to help others, like I had helped her?  

It was like the 'circle of life'! I had received an amazing gift, I had put it to good use, and now my client was inspired to do the same! 

So I got to work and created an incredible 6 +1 Module Life Learning Strategies Life Coaching Certification Program.  

In it you learn: 

  • how to be the best life coach you can be and what that even means

  • effective communication

  • goal setting and achieving outcomes

  • effective techniques & strategies

  • self-care & networking

  • setting up your business

I share with you my experience, training, strategies, tips, techniques, meditations and so much more.  I am certified as an Inner Workout and ICF life coach, an Integrated NLP practitioner, and a certified Reiki and Access Bars practitioner.  I bring all of this knowledge to you. 

It is a highly personalized course.  There are no big conference rooms.  It is an intimate and interactive experience with theory and hands-on.  You will receive a course manual, videos, webinars, one: one mentoring by phone, or on-line throughout the course.  Practical exercises and case studies and real coaching sessions are part of the certification process.  In addition, you get my support for 12 months.  You can continue to learn and grow as a coach by sharing, asking questions, and getting detailed and specific answers to your issues. 

What is +1Module?  It is an extra special bonus!  If you qualify, you will also receive additional training and become certified in the INNER WORKOUTTM, a beautiful, healing practice that I am also certified in.  Not everyone will qualify for the +1 Module.  You will have to meet strict criteria set out by myself and Colleen Hoffman Smith the creator of the Inner Workout.  

To Learn More Go To Be A Life Coach and be who you are meant to be. 

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Note:  All sessions are currently virtual.  Once things return to a more normal state I also do Life Coaching and Energy Work in Toronto in person. 


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