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Become the Woman You Were Meant to Be

Does something feel like it's missing? Is it YOU?

Do you feel like you have to be perfect to be loved?  Do you sabotage yourself at work or in relationships? Is it hard to feel connected or present? Is negative self-talk a constant companion?

Childhood emotional neglect can impact you even when you are an adult.  If you are feeling frustrated or stuck an inner part of yourself, your inner child might be trying to get your attention.  

We all have an inner child. If you are experiencing fear, anxiety, perfectionism, and repeating negative patterns, your inner child might be trying to tell you:  "I don't feel safe."  


Don't give up!


You have the power to heal.  A healthy inner child is joyful, able to connect to their own emotions, has good relationships and is confident in life.  

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I'm Fiona.  I'm a certified Intuitive Inner Workout, Integrative NLP Life Coach & Reiki Energy Healer. 

I guide you on your journey to:  

🌟 feel safe, be seen, heard and supported

🌟 reconnect & fall in love with your inner child

🌟 discover your authentic truth & voice

🌟 create habits to eliminate self-sabotage

🌟 live an empowered, and successful life

Buddha Statue

Maria T.

I can't believe the difference that I feel in my day to day since I started the Reiki sessions.  While we are together it's so relaxing, and it's cool to feel my Spirit Guides presence with me but I really didn't expect the changes to be so dramatic.  People are commenting on me at work, I was asked if I'm in love because I'm glowing.  I am in love, but it is just with myself.  That feels amazing. 

What Do Client's Say...

Spiritual & Practical Tools

Fiona Bennett Life Coaching for Change

Reiki Energy Healing With Fiona

Reiki is an energy practice that is completely non-invasive.  It is a beautiful compliment to other forms of healing and inner work.  It is immensely relaxing and helps to restore your internal energetic flow and balance.  

Just like Sadghuru says, "Clarity comes only when there is Balance.  Above all balance."  


Life doesn't have to be so hard.  Learn to take the easier path. 

I see clients for hands-on sessions at my Toronto location or distance sessions are available worldwide. 

A Bit About Women's Life Coaching With Fiona

My personal coaching packages are designed to guide  
women who want things to be different but feel stuck and are struggling to find a sense of meaning in their life,  and have put everyone else first until now. 

I'm passionate about helping women experience massive transform
ation on a soul level.  The very first step is to take back your power. 


You don't have to continue pretending to be happy.  And you can stop trying harder and working more to prove you are lovable and worthy of an amazing life.  It is time to say ENOUGH to those habits from the past of insecurity, anxiety and shame. 

Through my 1:1 personal Woman of Confidence Program, I guide you to tap into all that you are and become the woman you are meant to be. 

Reiki _ Life Learning Strategies _ Fiona Bennett

You deserve a joyful life 

It is time to stop settling for crumbs, isn't it?

  • First, let's get to the heart of the matter.  What are the challenges that keep stopping you from living your most fulfilling life?  

  • Decide to move past those obstacles and step into a life of freedom where you reach your fullest potential. 

  • Learn simple spiritual and practical strategies you can do every day that make a REAL difference to heal and create a life you love. 

  • Start with a free 30-minute clarity session together today.  

  • Take back your power and transform your life. 


  Join our newsletter to receive inspiring messages and real life strategies to start living a life of passion and love.  

What You Get

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Private, personal, weekly  1:1 coaching sessions that gently uncover, and challenge you to heal on a subconscious level, get clarity on your vision & values, set your goals & get lasting results within 3 or 6 months. 


To take control of your life!  You start right away to take ownership of your story and your life.  You learn strategies that put you in the driver's seat,  release old wounds, heal the past and step into the present with power. 


An incredible resource!  We are a team! I help you release the negativity of the past and reframe your mindset positively.  You and I go deeper than you could alone, and I help you stay on track, moving beyond conditioned fear & resistance.   You have access to me in between sessions as needed, and to my private FB group & community to accelerate healing. 

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As either a 3-month or 6-month coaching package client you receive FREE access to online workshops each month.  You also receive BONUS exclusive discounts for either distance or in-person Reiki sessions, and any in-person workshops or courses. 

Fiona Just Tell Me....

How Does it Work?

First YOU schedule a free 30-minute session. 
In it you tell me a bit about who you are now, and who you want to be. 

(BTW, it's totally cool if you don't really know!)

I use my experience, expertise and intuitive gifts to help you envision the RIGHT plan for you to create the best life for you. 

The sooner you book your clarity session, the sooner you re-discover yourself, discover your confidence, and reclaim your power and freedom.  

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