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Fiona Bennett


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What would your life look like with 



You are body, mind and soul and when they are in alignment you are whole.
I'll share  my unique set of practical skills, experience, expertise, spiritual & intuitive life coaching with you and guide you through the steps to remove the negative beliefs: they have to go, they don't belong

Your transformative journey begins here.

Now it is your time

Fiona Bennett Life Coach

 I spent a lot of time focused on getting love from others.  If I gave enough, if I was good enough, perfect enough, then maybe I would be loved enough.  But the magic is inside!  The healing, light and love are all within. You have spent your life taking care of everyone else.  You have lived a life of "shoulds" and "what ifs": your parent's life, your partner's, children's, employer's life.

I was willing to settle for   


As your coach

I first guide you within: that's where the healing begins:

Your Inner Child

Transformation is possible quickly once you change the emotional, physical and spiritual dynamic. 


My life is not the same.  I am living my passion full time, I am living where I love, with a man who adores me, and I adore.  We support each other in pursuit of our dreams and goals.  Our children live strong, independent lives with our blessing.  Money flows.  Love flows.  Health flows. The Universe supplies all that I need. 

You can do it too! What are you waiting for?

It took a serious illness to level me.  I had to stop in my tracks.  No more running, no more drama, no more focusing on others.  It was the greatest gift but you don't have to get knocked down first!  You can decide now to make this your wake up call. 

I am no different than you. 

What made the difference is having the right tools, and the support to use them.

You can choose to listen to your inner voice, telling you to dream your own dreams, reach out for help and support and take a step in the right direction.  Choose to make a change that sets you free and brings you joy.  

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Mel Hilderbrand

Fiona is an amazing life coach, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her help. She’s patient, understanding, reassuring, and so helpful when it comes to seeing things from another perspective. She’s helped me figure out more of who I am and what I want from life itself. I always look forward to my sessions with her as I always come out learning something new!


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Become a                                 


Life Coach

Do you love working with people?  Do you have a heart to make a difference in the world? 

Are you constantly learning and developing personally?

Imagine loving what you do every day,

getting to help people move past fears and obstacles that have held them back for years! 

You guide people

through the process of change and see them transform step by step as they create lasting results for themselves and their families.


It rocks!

Becoming a life coach is THE BEST decision I made and I love what I do. It is so rewarding, every day.

You can love your career and your life and know that what you are doing is bringing VALUE, JOY,  and HAPPINESS to others. 

Contact me today to learn more about how you can start on your exciting new journey as a life coach. 

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