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Fiona Bennett Life Coaching for a Succes

My Philosophy is ...

If I can do it you can do it! 

I started out as a registered nurse a long time ago. It gave me some great gifts:  the ability to assess, prioritize, solve problems and a love for helping people.  I am no longer nursing, my life has taken many different turns since but one thing that stays the same is a love of helping women be the best version of themselves.  

I lost that in myself for a long time.  I spent years unhappy and hoping things would get better.  I got sick doing it. 

Things don't change on their own.  You change from the inside out when you make a decision to do things differently.  

My own life coach taught me that and how to find the goddess within me.  

Then whoa nelly, did things change!  And fast. Once I began to feel better and do better and take control of my life the pieces started falling into place. 


I had been on my own with my 2 kids,  I got an amazing six figure job, that could support my family (and then some), met my beloved and my step son, travelled the world,  got certified as a life coach, and started my own business.  

Life is amazing! I am doing what I love and am meant to do, fulfilling my passion and purpose as a life coach helping women transform their own lives. 

If I can do it, you can do it.  

I'd love to help you find your inner goddess and start creating your extraordinary life today. 

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