Meet Fiona

Certified Inner Workout Life coach,

Intuitive Reiki & Access Bars Practitioner

Meet Fiona

Certified Inner WorkoutTM Life Coach

You don't have to have it all figured out now.  One step in the right direction is better than a thousand on the same lonely path. 

I help people reach their goals with a combination of practical coaching strategies, energy work, meditation & visualizations.  We go beyond just identifying surface issues and get to the root of what is holding you back, quickly, efficiently and compassionately.  I hold the space as you learn how to move past the obstacles and into a life of conscious choice and freedom. 

There are different ways that we can work together depending on your needs.  I offer Intuitive Reiki, Perfect Fit Life coaching Programs with  3, 6 or the 12 month Premium Plan of weekly one hour personal sessions.  

Premium Plans also include a one year subscription to my monthly Life Learning Strategies video group.  A new video is available to you each month.  Topics include:  strategic tips to grow your business, ways to enhance your relationship, how to develop your intuition etc. If you are not a Premium Plan client you can sign up for a subscription for only $6.99/month. 

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Phone: 647-203-8506

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