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I always knew there was more to life…

I thought if I was the perfect employee, mom, daughter, wife, and friend, life would be fulfilling.

I kept looking for more in all the wrong places… the next job, house or relationship, the latest self-help book or article. Nothing worked.


That is until I hired a Life Coach, and that is when I began a journey that would change my life.  It took some work, it took a commitment and a willingness to go inside and I had to learn that I was worth investing in.  


On that journey I learned my purpose.   I am Fiona Bennett and I now live a life of love, light and passion and would like to share life strategies with you so you can do the same.  


In 2009, I became certified in the Inner Workout.  I am also an Integrative NLP Life Coach and Energy Practitioner and it would be my honour to work with you as you discover your own life of love, light and passion.

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Based in Toronto and Stratford ON

Available Worldwide

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