Meet Fiona

Certified Inner Workout Life coach,

Intuitive Reiki & Access Bars Practitioner

Meet Fiona

Certified Inner WorkoutTM Life Coach

I developed self-confidence.  I began to achieve my goals.  I felt strong, I felt loved and accepted.  FROM WITHIN. 

That is a long time ago now.  

Today I live my life filled with love and light.  I am connected to my soul self and I use my experience and expertise, energy, soul work and the Inner Workout to help people go inside to do their own deep healing. 


You too can create a life worth living: with integrity and authenticity. You can have personal development, self-confidence, and be empowered.  You can thrive in this life instead of survive! 

Why keep holding yourself back? This life is meant to be amazing!


Life Learning Strategies


Life Learning Strategies, life coaching service, was started by Fiona Bennett to give others the love, compassion, and support that I found in my personal life coach when I needed it. 


Life Learning Strategies exists to provide you access to your own professional life coach because we all have a purpose and it is our responsibility to fulfill it. 

Once we take ownership of our life it becomes a journey of freedom instead of bondage:  we become consciously aware of our existence and the existence of others. 

We are all connected and when we learn how to change for the better we change the world for the better.

Life coaching and Energy Work are offered individually or as packages. 

A monthly video subscription is available. 

Courses and Workshops are available.


If you are a 

like "hearted" individual ready to begin to give back and start your journey to becoming a certified Life Coach contact me for more information. 

All services are provided with the utmost compassion & confidentiality. 


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