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Are you ready to make a difference? 

Well, buckle up because life coaching radically changes lives. 

Not just for your client, but for you.  

It is so rewarding to see someone remember their true beauty, wisdom, and strength as they apply the skills and strategies that you share with them.  

You do not need to have a University education, or even have liked school very much at all, and you can still be an amazing life coach if you are prepared to do your work.  It is challenging, it is deep, sometimes triggering, and people place much trust in you.  It is a big responsibility and so it requires a big commitment of heart, and mind and spirit.  

I developed my course because I was asked to.  A client that I had worked with had achieved her goal:  she knew exactly what she wanted to do.  She wanted to help others in the way that I had helped her.  This course grew from a desire to make sure that she would be ready, and equipped with all of the theory, skills and practical exercises necessary to be a great life coach.  But, that isn't enough. 


You want to be an amazing life coach, don't you? 

So, I created a course that would take life coaching to the next level.  It has all of the basics and it has so much more.  The "if I had only known thens...", specific strategies, personal sessions with me one: one, videos with demonstrations, on-going support during the course and  for 12 months.  Really, the support doesn't end.  A client is a client for life, and a student is a student for life with me.  My support does not have an expiry date.  

So I got to work and created an incredible 6 +1 Module Life Learning Strategies Life Coaching Certification Program.  

In it you learn: 

  • how to be the best life coach you can be and what that even means

  • effective communication

  • goal setting and achieving outcomes

  • effective techniques & strategies

  • self-care & networking

  • setting up your business


What is the additional + 1 Module?  It is an extra special bonus!  If you qualify, you will also receive additional training and become certified in the INNER WORKOUTTM, a beautiful, healing practice that I am also certified in.  Not everyone will qualify for the +1 Module.  You will have to meet strict criteria set out by myself and Colleen Hoffman Smith the creator of the Inner Workout.  

I share with you my experience, training, strategies, tips, techniques, meditations and so much more.  I am certified as an Inner Workout and ICF life coach, an Integrated NLP practitioner, and a certified Reiki and Access Bars practitioner. 

I bring all of this to you for only $2,500 CAD. Upon successful completion of the course, this amazing offer results in a Life Learning Strategies Life Coaching certification, and if you qualify an additional Inner Workout certification. 

There are very limited spots so don't miss out on this opportunity to take life to the next level. 


What's Included:

  • 1 course manual

  • 6 webinar/video modules with additional videos, worksheets, sample forms, and templates for your use

  • 1:1 Q&A calls at the end of each module

  • Personal skills practice time with Fiona Bennett

  • Ongoing mentoring throughout the course 

  • Following the course, 12 months of ongoing 1:1 monthly video call mentoring, with Fiona for additional skills, techniques, practice, Q&A, and feedback. 

Path To Success: 

Complete: Within 6 months (can be completed sooner)

  • Course work, written assignments & practical exercises

  • 25 coaching sessions, which will be reviewed

  • A written test (100 multiple choice questions, 70% pass)


You receive the Life Learning Strategies Life Coaching Certificate & you qualify for the Inner WorkoutTM  Module at



On completion of the Inner Workout Module: 

  1. an interview and oral test with Colleen Hoffman Smith(creator of the Inner Workout) is scheduled.  

  2. Successful candidates receive an additional certification as in the Inner WorkoutTM.

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