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Mental health is a significant factor in the success of your employees and your company.  Employee productivity, "presenteeism" and absenteeism are impacted by how well your team is doing.


By taking a proactive approach you can give yourself, your staff and your company the advantage of a cohesive, connected workforce that is ready, willing and able to focus on the tasks at hand. 


When you participate in Life Learning Strategies on-line business courses you offer workplace strategies that are compassionate and effective.  You and your staff can benefit at work in increased productivity, cohesiveness and morale.  Even better, the techniques transfer to all aspects of life.  When you change your mind at work, you change your mind in life.


Surviving With Excellence: Helping Employees Adjust to Work in the Midst of Covid-19 

Rapid revenue recovery is key to business’ getting back on it’s feet and yet we can’t expect that it will be business as usual. The pandemic has affected more than the bottom line as 44 % of Canadians report being worried and 41% as stressed during Covid-19.


Our mental health impacts the way we relate to ourselves and others, our ability to tolerate triggers, how well we communicate, what we believe we are capable of and what we are willing to risk to achieve it.  This training guides your team as they come back together to be unified, strong and supportive.  I guide each person to : 

  • Become responsible for their own emotional journey

  • Use mindfulness to tune in to the present moment

  • Practice techniques to let go of past wounds and anxiety

  • Practice techniques to let go of future worries and fears

  • Be compassionate to themselves and others


Creativity, productivity, and motivation are able to thrive in an atmosphere of safety and trust. Once your team has regained confidence, they are able to focus achieving the goals set for them and by them. 

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Where: Online or On-Site

Participants: 4 min

Cost:  $150 per person

Service Area

Based in Toronto and Stratford ON

Available Worldwide

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