Wed., Aug. 25 | Online

Women's Intuition: Honouring & Healing Your Soul

Be guided to a place of deep knowing.
Women's Intuition: Honouring & Healing Your Soul

Time & Location

Aug. 25, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

About the Event

Intuition is that subtle whisper or feeling that runs through you from your head to your gut.  

It is an unconscious intelligence, a knowing that exists to guide you to the truth for your highest self.

We all possess feminine energy, and within it is the embodiment of the intuitive force.  

We also have masculine energy and within it is our logical, clinical force. 

Which rules you? 

Do you hear the small voice that calls you to follow your passion?  

Do you heed the instinct that leads you away from a dangerous path? 

Or do you bow to the loud and booming gong of society and others? 

Learn how: 

  •  empathy, compassion and intuition are linked
  •  to bring harmony between your masculine and feminine natures
  •  what intuition "feels" like
  •  to listen to your intuitive voice
  •  to develop opportunities for your intuition

Take away an appreciation for your own amazing ability and gift of intuition and begin to practice honouring and healing yourself with it immediately.  

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