Heal Your Inner Child

You are lovable.  You are safe. 

As a little girl or boy when things were too much to bear your unconscious stepped in.  It made the best sense it could of hurts and hurtful messages or it made them disappear altogether.  

Beliefs that you hold may be from this instinct to protect.  And they may also be pretty messed up, distorted realities designed to keep you as safe as possible in an unsafe time and space.  

They may have helped you survive and so "Thank You!" is due.  And now that you are grown they are desperately trying to stick around.  Now, they are no longer helping you.  Now, these same beliefs are killing your spirit, they are keeping you stuck in distorted reality. Now it is time to say "Goodbye". 


You can do it easily.  If I can do it so can you!  I have had to identify and release my own limiting beliefs and go through the healing process.  


I have done it and I have helped others to do it.  Anyone can do it when they are willing to let go of the pain and suffering. 


When you are willing to let go of the pain change is possible.  Change and healing can happen for you.  It has already begin by exploring another way to do things. If we kept on trying to get by on our own and doing things the way we knew how we would keep on getting the same poor results. 


It's time to live now.  In the now.  It is time to let new thoughts and feelings take root and to do that we need support.  I needed help to have a new perspective and so do you.  It isn't a weakness to have help it is a blessing.  


Celebrate the courage it has taken you to get this far. Just being here now, with me, means that you are changing and expanding.  You are healing.   


Keep going on that journey and see how far you have come and how wonderful it feels to be free. Reach out one more step and contact me directly.  Let's figure it out.  Maybe you want to work by Skype or Zoom, if you are not in Toronto.  We can connect that way, no problem. 


I would love to meet you in person if you are in the area and I have a few locations so see which one works best for you.  


Either way, we are all energy and we have already made an energetic connection.  It is time to release all the old, negative energy that is getting in your way.  


I am holding the space for you and looking forward to our work together in the Universe.    

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