Life Coaching

Life coaching is a collaborative process. 

We are a team using a multi-level approach of intuitive strategies, effective techniques, energy work, meditation, and visualization.  You get to go inside, free yourself and connect to a life of meaning. 

When You Get A Life Coach What Do You Get? 


You can expect to get rapid transformation from your sessions. Life coaching is not therapy and it shouldn't take years on a couch to get results.  Most of my clients start to feel lighter in the first session.  Lasting results take some work on your part too. Our sessions go deep inside to your emotional body - it is a workout. 

When you do the work, you get the benefits! 

What Areas Do We Work On? 


I am a self-confidence coach, a career coach, a relationship coach, a spiritual life coach, a personal development life coach, an empowerment life coach.  All these things are parts of life.  I am a whole life coach because you are a whole person!! 

How Do We Do This? 


I offer individual and life coaching packages, Intuitive Reiki and Access Consciousness Bars Energy Work Sessions.  


Do I Know What I'm Doing?


I am a professional life coach.  I am certified in the Inner Workout and a certified Integrated NLP, Reiki and an Access Bars  Practitioner. I use various techniques based on  YOU. 

How Do We Start?


We work together one:one in person or  on-line but due to the Covid19 conditions I am strictly a virtual life coach right now. 

Book your session or package now or contact me to chat. I'd love to provide more information and answer all of your questions. 

Energy Work

I am a practitioner of Intuitive Reiki &

Access Consciousness



What Are They? 

Both of these are non-invasive techniques that use the healing of energy to release physical, mental and emotional blocks stored in your energy bodies.  

Are They The Same Thing?

No, during Reiki I act as a channel for the Universal energy to flow to where you need healing in your body.  You have 7 main chakras that can become blocked or closed and that can affect how well energy flows to, from and within you.  I assess, open and clear your chakras as part of the Intuitive Reiki process.  

Reiki also draws upon the gifts of love and light that exists as energy images, impressions, intuitive messages from our guardians to our higher self.  I access that energy during a session and share the information with you.  

Access Consciousness Bars works by releasing energy through the meridians located in our head that connect via electrical energy to the rest of our body, mind and spirit.  By touching specific points on the head, trapped or blocked energy can be released. It can be a very relaxing process. 

Energy work is also an amazing way to compliment traditional healing methods.  

What you may experience:  

- a time of deep relaxation

- greater mental clarity

- reduced anxiety

- decreased stress

- relief of pain

-improved sleep

-chakras open & balanced

-increased energy

-healing of emotional wounds

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