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Become a Life Coach

Do you have what it takes to be a Life Learning Strategies Certified Life Coach? 

Answer these questions: 

Do you love working with people? 

Do you have people skills?

Do you love personal development?

Then the answer is YES! 

You do not need to have a University of College degree to become a life coach.  In fact, there is no governing body.  That is why it is so important that you find someone who has a wealth of expertise in wellness and personal development as well and is also an expert in training and instructional development.  

I have all of this expertise and even more importantly I am doing my soul's purpose.  Life coaching and helping others to become life coaches is what I am meant to do.  

You need to understand this too, if you are going to be a life coach.  Life coaching is not just a job.  It is a calling.  

You get to do something that transforms lives:  it is incredibly rewarding.  Imagine getting to see someone grow from lack to abundance, from no self-worth to confidence and free because of the work you are doing together! 

Every day I work with smart, capable women who have been stuck for years in a dead-end job or lifeless marriage and couldn't move.  They were frozen.  And now they are FREE! They have found their purpose, their passion and are setting and reaching goals in all areas of life.  It is just so fulfilling.  

You can't help but be transformed too in so many ways.  You are able to choose your own rate of pay, your hours of work, whom you work with, and how you work.  Now, if you want to attend an event for your child the only person you need to ask is you.  Life coaching lets you also be free.  You are your own boss.  

What makes this online program so different? 

You get a course manual and the video modules delivered to you step by step. You work at your own pace and after every module, we meet online in-person to review your questions and for you to get personal feedback on your assignments.  There is no other program that gives you this kind of mentoring and attention every step of the way.  

You and I are in a soul relationship.  This connection is here to support,  encourage, and hold you accountable to grow into the best life coach and business you can be.  We continue to meet for strategic and mentorship sessions monthly for 12 months. 

Get started today.  You can become a certified life coach and transform lives. 

Email me to learn more. 

Certification and Program Details

What does the Learning Strategies Life Coaching Certification include:

  • 6 Weekly online webinars to learn at your own pace

  • 1 Course manual

  • Support materials including videos, worksheets, sample forms and coaching templates

  • 1:1 Q&A video calls at the end of each module with Certified Life Coach Fiona Bennett

  • Life coaching practice sessions

  • Ongoing mentoring throughout the course

  • 1:1 monthly video call mentoring for 12 months upon certification completion​


Bonus Module
You will receive an opportunity to become certified in a beautiful healing practice called Inner Workout TM.  You may qualify for this additional module by meeting strict criteria set out by Colleen Hoffman Smith, IW creator and myself.  To be determined at the end of the certificaton program.

What are you waiting for?  The next Learning Strategies Life Coaching Certification Program is starting.

Image by Denys Nevozhai