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With One on One Personal Coaching, you will step to the future confidently and live a present and joyful life.  Using The Inner Workout TM; an emotionally healing and freeing process that takes honesty, courage and commitment you will:

  • Release past pains

  • Replace negative beliefs with positive thinking, feeling and behaving

  • Lift your confidence

  • Raise your energy level

  • Create space for dreams and desires

  • Set measurable goals

  • Align your values

  • Find your soul self

  • Journal daily

  • Learn how to practice your new habits

  • Live to your ultimate potential

Working together we will create an amazing, meaningful and fulfilling life that is as unique as you are.


If you are asking yourself any of these questions, learn what you will achieve when we work together.

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Find Passion

Are you bored?  Is the work and your life blah?

You wake up feeling energized and excited about your day. You find yourself immersed in the things you are doing and don’t even realize the time. You want to talk about what you are doing and share your success with people in your life.

Do you have to settle?

You know that amazing is possible and that you deserve to achieve it. You are curious about all the opportunities, possibilities and where your journey can take you. You can have the things you want: freedom, financial independence, meaningful work, meaningful relationships – why settle?

Is this all there is?

You know there is more to life than what you’ve been living and you are ready to create it. You feel the void, the ache in your belly for more and you are longing to fill it. You have learned ways to fill yourself, to find your own happiness and to live authentically: to be who you are meant to be and do what you are meant to do!

What if you don’t know what you want?

You have examined your values, identified your goals and created an action plan. You have a real, life map for where you want to get to and you know how to get there. You have figured out what is important and meaningful to you and you are ready to GO FOR IT!

What if you just don’t have a passion?

You know everyone has a purpose and you are no exception. You have taken the time to focus and get clear on what really matters to you and discovered what lights you up. You have found the passion burning inside that has been there all along. You have ignited it and are ready to live in accordance to it.

What will your parents think?

You respect and care about your parents and you know that you are responsible for your own life. You are ready to take control of your journey and live in accordance with what is best for your highest self. You have learned how to communicate your wants and needs effectively and to pursue your own dreams. This is your one beautiful life.

Have you failed?

You honour your past for all that it has taught you. You know that life is a journey and you are on it for the long haul. Each destination brings with it wisdom if you are willing to see it, and you have developed focus, clarity and eyes to see. You know there is no such thing as failure, only feedback.

Do you want to be happy?

Yes, absolutely! You choose to be happy and you are ready to invest in yourself and take the steps to create a happy life.

Find You

Who are you now?

You embrace the present “you”. You love your body, feel feminine, sexy and attractive. You are the Goddess!

Where did the old you go? Is she still in there somewhere?

You celebrate the journey that brought you to this point and take the positive, just for you lessons. You recognize, love and accept all that you are.

Is this all there is now?

You see your life with mindfulness and gratitude. You are able to appreciate all the gifts you bring, others bring and the Universe brings to make life richer each day.

What about your dreams & desires?

You have dreams, you have desires and you have a plan. You have considered your values and created a plan to reach your goals that are responsible and respectful of who you are. You know we are all connected and you are focused on achieving a successful outcome for your highest good.

Are you a bad person because you feel this way?

You love and accept yourself exactly as you are. You value your gifts, talents, values and everything that you bring to the table. You understand that taking care of yourself, is an important part of being responsible for your life.

What would people think?

You love and accept yourself and know no one can make you feel bad. You have tools to take care of your emotions when you feel judged or triggered by other people’s behaviour. You won’t let fear stop you from achieving your dreams.

Can you have it all?

You know you have to do the work, inside and out. You are ready to go inside and heal and to do the action steps to manifest your goals. You can have what you believe in, what you attract, what you work for.

Have you failed?

You know that life is a journey and everything along the way is a part of it. You are able to see the positive lessons, even where there has been disappointment or pain.

Can I be happy?

Yes, absolutely! You choose to be happy and you are ready to invest in yourself and take the steps to create a happy life.

Find Love

Why do you always attract “that” person?

You have learned about the wound in you that needed to heal. You understand that you were attracting exactly what you needed to bring your wound to the surface and now you don’t need to do that anymore. A healed and whole you, will attract a healed and whole partner.

Are you doing something wrong?

You were unaware of the wound you were carrying. Now that you know, you are taking responsibility to heal. You were creating a pattern because you didn’t know a different way to do things and now you do. You aren’t to blame, it’s not your fault.

Will you ever find love?

Love is in you. Now that you know it, and are able to feel it you can reflect it out into the world. That is attractive. Love attracts love. Your beloved will be attracted to the wholeness in you and you will be attracted to the wholeness in them.

Will you have to settle for “good enough”?

Never. You are more than good enough, why would you settle for anything less? You know that you deserve a lasting love, a deep, intimate connection. Now that you have found that within yourself, it is possible to find it with another.

Is there something wrong with you, are you good enough?

You know there is nothing wrong with you. Everyone has wounds and has had life experiences of pain and loss. You are human. You are more than good enough! You love and accept yourself and that is so attractive.

Will you ever be happy?

Yes, absolutely! You choose to be happy and you are ready to invest in yourself and take the steps to create a happy life.


Are you waiting for the shoe to drop?

You are confident. You live in flow and are in tune with your intuitive voice. You trust yourself. Your relationships are filled with love, and respect.

Can’t you get close without one of you pulling away?

You are secure. You are aware of your attachment style and how it has affected you. You are able to recognize when you are doing an old “habitual dance. You are able to have an intimate relationship and share your needs with love.

Are you feeling angry, scared, hurt or disappointed a lot?

You are powerful. You are not helpless or in need of anyone else to fix you. No one can “make” you feel anything and you are able to take care of your own feelings. You know how to honour your emotions without lashing out or shutting down and so you stay in peace and love.

Do you feel panicky that they might leave or suffocated they are there?

You are safe. You are not small and at the mercy of anyone else. You are able to fill yourself up and feel whole, loved, accepted. You are free because your peace does not depend on anyone else. You can be in relationship in a healthy, reciprocal, loving way.

Are you unable to relax?

You are present. You are able to enjoy your life as it is. You know that each moment brings new opportunities and you are filled with the energy of life. The Universe holds abundance and you are ready to accept and receive all the love that is available.

Will you ever be happy?

Yes, absolutely! You choose to be happy and you are ready to invest in yourself and take the steps to create a happy life.

Tough Decision

How did you get here?

You have learned to celebrate the journey and learned positive lessons, just for you, that you will take with you into the next phase of your life.

Can you fix it?

You have honestly evaluated life in the present. You know what you are responsible for and what you are not and you are able to do your work without controlling the outcome.

How do you trust your judgement?

You have developed your intuitive voice and listen to it. You have and strategies to regulate intense emotions and get into your wise mind so you can make decisions for your highest good. You are willing to trust yourself, and the Universe.

What are you supposed to do now?

You know you deserve to be happy, and have peace in your life and you are ready to get it. You are willing to invest in yourself, ask for help, and take the steps to get out of the same old cycle. You know it is time to do things differently, and you are ready to begin.

How will you survive?

You have confidence in your abilities. You know what you can do, you have taken the time to discover what really matters to you and you are ready to persue it. You have everything you need to be successful, including strength to ask for help when you need it.

Are you hurting your kids?

You are modelling success for your children. You know what it is like to be unheard and unseen and how that affects your self-worth. You are taking responsibility for making sure your children can feel, share and process their emotions. You are showing them that the love is within and they are already good enough.

What will people think?

You know people will judge you all along your journey and you know that is their stuff to work through. You are filled with your own love and approval and you can have compassion for the judgement of others, without having to fix them. You are ready to be authentic!

Are you strong enough?

You know you are not helpless, you are a Goddess! You have claimed your power and are ready to live in accordance with your soul self. You feel strong, free, feminine and ready to be guided by your inner knowing.

What’s next?

You are ready to let go of what no longer serves you and claim your feminine power. You are ready and willing to make decisions for yourself, and for your highest good. You are ready to live life in alignment with your soul self.

Will you ever be happy again?

Yes, absolutely! You choose to be happy and you are ready to invest in yourself and take the steps to create a happy life.

Starting Over

Is your life over?

Your life is continuing on it’s journey. Everything that has brought you to this point has been part of your soul’s evolution. You have learned positive lessons along the way and you are excited about the future.

How do you support your kids emotionally?

You are the mirror for love and acceptance for your children. You show them how to feel, share and process emotions in a healthy way so that they are able to. You are able to hold the space for your children and create a safe place for them.

Will you ever love again?

You are open to receiving love. You are open to giving love. You have cleared the woundedness that attracted the previous relationship pain so that you don’t attract it again. You are in love and you are able to feel love when it is present in your life.

How do you trust again?

You are guided by a strong intuitive voice. You listen to the knowing of your heart and soul.

What if you make the same mistakes again?

You are open to all that the God and the Universe has in store for you. You trust the tools that you have learned to create intimate relationships and know that not every love is for a lifetime. You are able to experience love fully, without fear and need to control the outcome.

What if there is something “wrong” with you?

You know that we all carry some wounds from our past and that doesn’t mean we are broken. You love and accept yourself, exactly as you are and embrace the beauty of your spirit completely.

Are you good enough?

You are more than enough, and you know it in every cell of your body. You are filled with love, light and acceptance. You choose to be happy and you are ready to invest in yourself and take the steps to create a happy life.

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