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Fiona Bennett Spiritual Life Coach

I guide you as you step into the future confidently and live a present and joyful life.  You move through practical, proven steps to complete an emotionally healing and freeing process.  Over the course of the coaching you:

  • Get clear on who you are and what you really want

  • Release past pains

  • Replace negative beliefs with positive thinking, feeling and behaving

  • Lift your confidence

  • Raise your energy level

  • Create space for dreams and desires

  • Set measurable goals

  • Align your values

  • Find your soul self

  • Journal daily

  • Learn how to practice your new habits

  • Live to your ultimate potential

Working together takes honesty, courage and commitment.  I am here for you and I know you can do it.  With my support, you will create an amazing, meaningful and fulfilling life that is as unique as you are.

Extraordinary You -

3 Month Plan

When you choose this plan you choose to reach your potential quickly and effectively. 

Right away you will get started with an honest assessment of where you are at in your life and start immediately to heal any of the wounds that are lingering from your past.  

You will learn how to take care of your soul self! 

Next, its time to set your course for success.  Make decisions, set goals and create an organized plan of action.  

Your energy follows your focus.  You are focusing on your dreams.  

Finally, you are the master of your own life.  Meet the goals you've set.  Put resources in place for lasting results. 

Meditating in Nature

 Woman of Confidence - 6 Month Plan

  • Vision & Purpose

    Complete your life analysis - assess where you are now. 

    Create a vision plan and purpose statement to set your compass for the future

  • Goal Setting

    • Learn how to set goals right and then 

    • Set the right goals

  • Change Old Beliefs

    • Assess your obstacles

    • Out with the old and in with the new.  Get rid of old paradigms & create new successful programs. 

  • Build Your Team

    • No woman is an island.  Learn how to develop the types of support you need. 

    • Develop a mastermind. 

  • The Law of Economics

    • You don't get without giving.  Develop a gratitude practice. 

    • Choose how to give.

  • Lasting Results

    • Assess your progress

    • Plan for the future, resources, next steps, keep up the momentum. 

We will begin with a comprehensive “Life Analysis” an assessment of where you are now in your life’s journey, to identify specific needs. 


Each month, for six months, we’ll have two one: one calls together. During the calls you will set your course for the amazing life you want to create and a clear plan of action to get there.  Homework is assigned that takes the information from theory to reality and you will need to complete it before the next call.


I am available to you in between sessions through text and email for additional support as needed.  

What have some of my current clients achieved:

  • started their own life coaching business

  • stopped “second-guessing themselves. "I feel100% better about myself and have been able to overcome grief from childhood".

  • live life feeling uplifted, inspired and hopeful

  • change the way they see themselves

  • change beliefs that were holding them in toxic patterns

  • increased social media presence

  • increased business revenue – reaching and surpassing the goals originally set

  • finding a career path that aligns with their spiritual values

  • completing a course

  • changing toxic family patterns

  • successfully communicating with their adult children:  “she said she really felt heard for the first time!”

  • freedom from generational trauma & victim-hood

  • intimacy and connection in their marriage

  • figure out really matters in their life and developed the courage and a plan to GO FOR IT!

Book Your Free Call and Let's Talk if you:  

  • ​are tired waiting for your turn in life

  • know you deserve more but don't know how to make it happen

  • are starting to believe happiness might not be for you

  • were excited about a new idea, job, course and then somehow it fizzled out

  • have spent ages on the fence in your relationship with one foot in and one foot out


How Do We Work Together

Time is precious so we make the most of your session. We set up our appointment for either a Zoom or telephone meeting and I will contact you ahead of time to remind you. You will get a link to click if it's for Zoom. If it's a phone call, just be there ready to chat. Make sure you have privacy and a good connection. A one-hour session will involve some admin time to get connected and to re-schedule our next appointment. You should expect that we will talk for about 50 minutes each time.

How Long Does Life Coaching Take

That is different for everyone but... most people can expect that it will take approximately 12 weeks to get really substantial results. Many people feel better immediately though. We work together right away on identifying the main obstacles and getting them out of the way as quickly as possible. Also, I introduce meditation as an integral part of each client's plan and it has a rapid effect when practiced regularly.

Is Life Coaching the Same as Therapy

Nope. It is very different. For one thing, I am not a therapist. I don't practice medicine and I don't diagnose anything. We will take a look at the past but we don't spend session after session there. We look back simply for understanding of the present and to allow release of any negative energy that is obstructing your future success. Life coaching is goal oriented. We focus on getting you focused on who you want to be, and what you want to be doing with your life. A constant question we will be asking is: "will this improve the quality of my life?" If the answer is yes, then that is where you will be heading.

What Will You Be Doing as My Coach

I ask a lot of questions. You have the answers. I am not magical and I cannot make anything happen for you. Your life is all about you and so are your life coaching sessions. I work with you to uncover the truth that is hidden from view, to help you look with a fresh perspective, and to find new strategies. I commit 100% to my clients. I will not judge you. I am here for you. I make myself available in between sessions for email/text coaching when extra support is needed and I am on your side. That doesn't mean you will always like me. Even though I will always love you. It is my job to hold you accountable so that you reach your goals. I am not a cheerleader. I am your supporter and here to lift you and encourage you to be the amazing success you are capable of. I give homework. I challenge excuses. I ask tough questions. I will always hold a space for you with compassion, love and light. I use my training, skills, experience & expertise to guide you to learn, and grow into who you are meant to be.

What Do I Need To Do Now

You need to: *make a firm decision *invest in yourself *get started today *contact me to set up your free online session Really, what are you waiting for? It is time, isn't it?

Service Area

Based in Toronto and Stratford ON

Available Worldwide

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