Fiona Bennett Spiritual Life Coach

I guide you to live authentically as you step into the future confidently and live a present and joyful life.  You move through practical, proven steps to complete an emotionally healing and freeing process.  Over the course of the coaching you:

  • Get clear on who you are and what you really want

  • Tune into your intuitive wisdom

  • Release past pains

  • Replace negative beliefs with positive thinking, feeling and behaving

  • Lift your confidence

  • Raise your energy level

  • Create space for dreams and desires

  • Set measurable goals

  • Align your values

  • Find your soul self

  • Journal daily

  • Learn how to practice your new habits

  • Live to your ultimate potential

Working together takes honesty, courage and commitment.  I am here for you and I know you can do it.  With my support, you will create an amazing, meaningful and fulfilling life that is as unique as you are.

 Woman of Confidence - 6 Month Plan

Clear Your Past

Your past does not define you unless you let it. 


Choose to remove the negative energy once and for all that is keeping you stuck and stopping you from being who you want to be. 

Goal Setting

Discover the confidence to know what you really want so that you are setting the RIGHT goals. 

Have support and accountability every step of the way so you reach the goals you set.  

Build Your Team

No woman is an island.  We need connection not isolation.  You are enough, you are not broken or different.  We are all connected. 

You have found a mentor for life.  And you will find other mentors, with your shared passion and purpose to keep you inspired on your journey. 

Vision & Purpose

You have to know 2 things:  Where are you now and Where do you want to end up? 

We will assess your current circumstances and create a vision plan and purpose statement to set your compass for the future

Change Old Beliefs

Knowing what to do and what you want doesn't get you there.  You have some beliefs in the way.  

We change your thinking, feeling and behaving so you reach any goal you have set your sights on.  

The Law of Economics

"How can I be of service to the world today?" I ask this question each morning as part of my morning meditation. 

You don't get without giving. The Universe believes in reciprocity.   Develop a gratitude practice. Become open to a life of giving and receiving. 

Lasting Results

I work with you to ensure you learn the skills so you can apply them for yourself, in any circumstances, to achieve any goal.  

I want to be your support not your crutch.  My clients are able to live free, in control of their own minds, and lives.  

My journey takes me back to my own life coach from time to time when I need support or have a new challenge, or just need a reminder to do my work.  And I provide that same safe harbour for my clients.  

I am always here.  Sometimes we see each other more regularly after the program is complete, and sometimes we just check in now and then.  

I will always point you back to the skills and tools you gained.  You are enough!  You will have lasting results that keep you on the path to success for your lifetime.  


What have some of my current clients achieved:

  • started their own life coaching business

  • stopped “second-guessing themselves. "I feel100% better about myself and have been able to overcome grief from childhood".

  • live life feeling uplifted, inspired and hopeful

  • change the way they see themselves

  • change beliefs that were holding them in toxic patterns

  • increased social media presence

  • increased business revenue – reaching and surpassing the goals originally set

  • finding a career path that aligns with their spiritual values

  • completing a course

  • changing toxic family patterns

  • successfully communicating with their adult children.  Her daughter said, “she really felt heard for the first time!”

  • freedom from generational trauma & victim-hood

  • intimacy and connection in their marriage

  • figured out what really matters in their life and developed the courage and a plan to GO FOR IT!

  • developed confidence

  • discovered their purpose and decided on a path forward

  • chose a career

  • finally made a decision about whether to stay or go in the marriage they'd been unhappy in for years

  • opened up her own business and it is thriving

  • went back to school and I'm graduating a year SOONER than planned

  • started taking risks, speaking up for myself, having a voice

  • realized they were not the one responsible for their childhood abuse - let go of the shame

  • got certified as a life coach

Book Your Free Call and Let's Talk if you:  

  • ​are tired waiting for your turn in life

  • know you deserve more but don't know how to make it happen

  • are starting to believe happiness might not be for you

  • were excited about a new idea, job, course and then somehow it fizzled out

  • have spent ages on the fence in your relationship with one foot in and one foot out

How Does Life Coaching Work?


We meet on-line or in-person (if possible) every other week. You will get homework from me and it needs to be done before we meet again.   I am available to you by text and email in between sessions.  I am here to support and hold you accountable on this journey.  We are in it together!  I am all in and I ask you to be too. 


 Healing the past by releasing negative energy gains you clarity.  Once you see clearly, you design your fulfilling life.  I help you dream beyond your day to day and create the life of your desires and dreams.  It is time for VISION. 


It can be scary to push past your comfort zone.  Resistance will come up - 100% guaranteed. I support you every step of the way and help you stay on track.  Commitment to yourself pays off in spades. It is time for RESULTS. 


 We assess where are you at?  It's time for honesty, and SELF-AWARENESS. We will begin with a comprehensive “Life Analysis” an assessment of where you are now in your life’s journey, to identify specific needs.


I help you re-shape your self-image into one that works for you and not against you.  Old thinking has gotten you this far.  It is time for empowering CHANGE.  


Consistency is key.  You learn the skills to take you from thoughts and feelings that have sabotaged your success to ones that propel you to ACHIEVING LASTING RESULTS. 

You think, feel, and live an extraordinary life.  The life you were meant to live: with passion, purpose and joy.

Extraordinary You -

3 Month Plan

When you choose this plan you choose to reach your potential quickly and effectively. 

Right away you will get started with an honest assessment of where you are at in your life and start immediately to heal any of the wounds that are lingering from your past.  

You will learn how to take care of your soul self! 

Next, its time to set your course for success.  Make decisions, set goals and create an organized plan of action.  

Your energy follows your focus.  You are focusing on your dreams.  

Finally, you are the master of your own life.  Meet the goals you've set.  Put resources in place for lasting results. 

Meditating in Nature

Service Area

Based in Toronto and Stratford ON

Available Worldwide

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