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Not sure if you're ready for a 6 month intensive program?  I get it.  I was there.  Hearing so many of you mention it and having lived it myself, I've decided something needed to change.  Taking that first leap is always the hardest, hence, I've devised a plan.  A monthly plan, that is!

What's included, you ask?

  • Exclusive access monthly video talks just for members

  • A monthly worksheet meant to challenge, balance, and inspire 

  • Exclusive member-only monthly meditations

  • Member-only blog articles to further guide you as you flourish

  • A Clarity Consultation™

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How much does it cost?

29.99CAD$ per month AND  just so you can experience a little love and light, you'll get your first month FREE! 

That's less than 1$ per day to learn my Life Learning Strategies

That's it.  For far less than a cup of coffee per day, you'll reap the benefits of receiving love and light, right in your inbox!  No pressure, no fear, just love and light.

A perfect start to living your best life.

There's just one detail left; you.  It takes you to get the ball rolling.  Start your journey at a pace that feels right for you.  The rest will follow; your leaps and bounds only have the limits you impose on them.

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Mel Hilderbrand


Fiona is an amazing life coach, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her help. She’s patient, understanding, reassuring, and so helpful when it comes to seeing things from another perspective. She’s helped me figure out more of who I am and what I want from life itself. I always look forward to my sessions with her as I always come out learning something new!

Fiona Bennett Personal Life Coaching

Hi, I'm Fiona --

-- and it is never too late to follow your dreams!


My life started out with loss, and isolation. I was less than 1 year old when my dad died tragically and suddenly and my mom pulled into herself and away from us. Each one of my fractured family created our own set of beliefs about who we were, and what life was, based on that event and the abandonment and hurt that followed.

With time, guidance and a whole lot of trust in my life coach, I took a leap.

I became a woman of courage and confidence and learned that it was time to DREAM again! My life was far from over. All I had to do was heal and clear the woundedness out of the way.

I learned to BREATHE again. I learned to GO WITHIN. I HEALED THE WOUNDEDNESS. I was set FREE.  Read my full journey HERE.

Allow me to introduce myself

Heal your Inner Child 

Stay still.  If you listen closely, she is there.  Start reconnecting today; sign up to my newsletter.

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