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There are some things that are hard to label:  a deep ache, a void, a longing that sits in your body, mind and spirit.

You might have everything on the outside that you have ever wanted.  You have the partner, the family, the job, the home, the dog, the car, the clothes, nights out, friends.....and on and on.  And yet you know that something is missing.   You have no reason that you can put your finger on for feeling this sense of dis-content but it is real.  It makes you sad or frustrated or numb.  It is very confusing. 

It is very confusing if you are thinking in physical terms only.  But, our mind, body, emotion and spirit are all connected.  We are not one dimensional beings.  Yes we are here now and we have to deal with all of those daily life things and we also contain the energy of every thought, emotion and experience throughout our lifetime(s).  

Where does it all start? The family we were born into already had a great history, rich in stories, rich in energy, rich in emotion and experience and that energy has been shared with you.  You are carrying the genetic and energetic imprint from generations. Some of that is also rich in pain. 

Your work is to process emotion and experience so that any negative energy can be released.  You are the key to healing.  When you finally are able to consciously let go and release any old wounds or painful experiences from your generational imprint you clear it, not just for yourself but for those that follow. 

Hang On A Minute - That's Heavy

No, you don't have to fix anyone else.  You don't even have to fix you.  You aren't broken.  And yet, you are longing to live in alignment with your soul self.  Knowing your values and owning them as your own is a vital first step.  Connecting to your emotional body with love and nurturance brings such peace.  You are responsible for this life now. 

Where Does It All End? You have love and light within you I would love to help as you connect to your emotional body and live in accordance with your soul values.  I would love to help as you discover peace on your journey. 

You don't have to figure it out alone. 


I offer various workshops & healing circles that allow you to share in safe, compassionate settings with others and learn more about the mind, body, spirit connection. 

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