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Monthly Circle of Healing

What is this all about?

It is about learning and growing together! Each month we'll delve into a new topic.  We will take time out of our busy lives to connect to like-minded women for discussion, connection and sharing online.


There will be poetry, meditation, visualization and I will guide you in life-changing, life coaching success strategies.  Every month will be different, and special because it will be a joining of souls.  One constant will be our commitment to keeping it a safe space.  We will choose to support each other, to lift each other up without judgement.


Yes, we might share a tear or two on our journeys and yet it is guaranteed that we will also unite in joy.  We will celebrate life, laughter and love in our circle of healing. 

Do I Belong? 

We are women of all shapes, ages, races, sexual preference.  The only requirement is you want to be the best you possible.  You are ready to take responsibility for your life. 

How Much Does It Cost?


Registration includes worksheets, a reserved spot at the live Circle and immediate access to the replay (forever) if something comes up that prevents you from joining us live.

How Do I Join? 

You register for the next Monthly Circle here.


Every week I will discuss a new topic for 60 minutes and then we will chat for the last 30 as a group.  

Happy Women

Why Should I Join?

What is in it for me?

1. You can afford $20 (19.99) a month to get the life skills, personal & spiritual life coaching that you know will accelerate your success like it has for so many other women.

2. You are longing for somewhere to be honest! This is a chance to speak your inner truth without having to worry about what people are thinking or being judged.  We are all here with the same purpose.  There is no such thing as being too "woo hoo" or your ideas being too big here.  You get to be you. 

3. You find out who you are.  Some of us have been silenced for a LONG time.  You don't remember what that inner voice sounds like or what your intuition feels like.  Speak freely with no fear of judgment. 

4. Here, together, you will inspire each other and raise your vibration.  My energy, and yours are connected and we are all connected to the Universal energy healing life force.  While we are in our Healing Circle you are part of this powerful energetic experience. 

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