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Personal Development

What is my purpose?  What is my passion? 

Are you trying to figure it out? 

You are not alone. 

I hear these questions so often:  what is my purpose? what is my passion? 

What does that really mean? 

So many people are lost and trying to find their way.  It isn't enough to be just existing in this world, that is not what we are intended for.  We know this instinctively, and yet not everyone knows exactly what to do.  

Social media makes it look sometimes as if everyone else, everyone BUT you has a burning passion for something and they are living the biggest, best, most amazing life.  You look at all the glitz and sparkle and wonder "what is wrong with me?".  

Think about it.

One of the biggest inspiration and soul killers is comparing our inside with anyone else's outside.  The fact is many of those people are faking it.  They feel just as lost as you, except they are good at photography and social posting.  STOP comparing yourself to others.  Right now, today. 

We all have gifts, we all have a way to make a contribution, we all have a way to thrive and make our lives worth living.  You do have a purpose and you do have passion.  I guarantee it.  It is already within you and with help you can learn how to tap into it, how to notice it and truly live it.  It becomes a choice. 

So how do you find out how to create your best life?

First, congratulations for asking the question.  That means you are searching.  Even if you have been trying for a while don't give up.  There is always an obstacle before we reach our destination, and that is ok. 

Life coaching is one wayEnergy work is another way.  I use both of these techniques to help people see where they want to go. It's hard to get where you want if you don't have clear vision. 


With That In Mind we work together to clear out the blocks that obstruct your vision and your path, you do the work so that you get rapid transformation.  

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