Confessions of a Life Coach Imposter

Are you feeling like a fraud in your own life? It's time to start believing in you.

I preach self-worth all the time. To my clients, on You-Tube, in workshops, on the street. Seriously, if you are in line in front of me in Walmart for 5 minutes, it is pretty likely that we will fall into a conversation about self-worth. That makes sense, right? I am a life coach.

There was a time when I didn't have much of it, (self-worth, that is) and I knew it. Years ago, I struggled with confidence. I could talk in class, I could spout opinions, I could really, really, spout opinions but I didn't value myself, and there is a big difference between being loud and being proud.

Eventually, with the help of my own personal life coach, I began to heal. I learned how to take responsibility for my life and my choices, and I grew. I emerged, slowly from the shadow of everyone else's idea of me into who I am, who I always was: light, love, strength, beauty and I felt like singing "ahhhhhhh".

When I became certified as a life coach, I didn't have the guts to do it. That was in 2005 (the first time). I had the training, I had the heart, but I didn't believe in myself. On I went with my same old life and the weight of not doing what I was meant to sat heavily in me. So, I tried again.

In 2009, I went away and immersed myself with my mentor and coach and a small group of other students and did the program again. I emerged as an Inner Workout Life Coach, and off I went to do my practice sessions, which I did. And I still didn't dive in fully. I dabbled. I went back to work, where I made six figures, and supported my family and numbed to my dream and calling for a long time.

I was still doing some coaching. I was just not being my authentic and true self. I was afraid that people would laugh at me, or see me as well, "off my rocker". So, I held back that part of me. I held back the part of me that felt the most alive.

Eventually, I got sick of it. I don't mean fed up, although yes, you betcha I was fed up. I mean, I got sick. I was no longer physically able to go to that 6 figure job. The Universe said "no more". I had to stop. It was time for me to decide for real, "are you a life coach or not? Are you ready to stop playing at it and STEP UP! "

So, I stepped up. I stopped dabbling. I started to charge people what I was worth. And I started being the real me.

Now, it is ok if you laugh. In fact, the more you laugh, the better. I love laughing. Whether anyone else understands my gifts is not important to me as long as they are put to use. I am a spiritual and intuitive, life skills life coach. That means I don't do the same things week after week. I do what feels right for every client. Of course, I use my training and skill, and I use intuition and am led by energy and universal guidance. It doesn't need to make sense to everyone as long as it makes sense for my client and gets the outcome that is a success for them.

Now, I am exactly who I am supposed to be, and I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.

Does this mean that I don't ever suffer from Imposter Syndrome anymore? That feeling that:

  • I am not good enough

  • I am not smart enough

  • I am not enough

to call myself a real life coach? Sadly, no, it doesn't mean that. Sometimes I do still feel it.

I had an interview recently, and they introduced me as a "successful life coach of more than 8 years who has helped hundreds of people." I went with it during the interview, and afterwards, I baulked. I thought, "oh, I dunno." Some of that time, I was dabbling. Maybe it's not completely accurate. I contacted them and asked if we could re-do the intro.

They didn't reply. At first, I thought, that is strange, how rude. But, I know why. They are experienced. They know imposter syndrome when they see it. I was having a confidence crisis. I had just done an interview about the importance of self-worth and then panicked about being worthy of the introduction. They were kind enough not to point it out and let me arrive at that conclusion in my own time.

We all have times when we feel less than. It's only natural after a lifetime of conditioning that we occasionally slip back a step or two. It is ok. The truth never changes. You are who you are. Find your way there, find your way to the truth that you are good enough to be that person, and to do what you are meant to do. Lift the weight that you carry when you are not.

It took me a few tries, and eventually, physical illness to get there, but it doesn't have to be like that. You have support to do it differently. I want to help you be who you are now. Today.

Let's talk about how to do it so that you can believe in yourself and create the life you are meant to be living. Life is so much richer when you do.

I offer free online coaching calls. You've got nothing to lose. You can always go back to doing it the same old way tomorrow if you choose.

Much love and light,