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According to Jack Canfield "We all have the ability to create the life we want. We just have to learn how to do it." So are you willing to learn? Do you want to do the things it takes? The number one thing on the list is: Take 100% responsibility for your

life. That is not always easy. You may be thinking right now, "you don't get my life!, or know my circumstances!" We all have had some stuff happen to us that we didn't ask for. How do you take responsibility for things that happened to you as a child, or accidents, or crimes that were perpetrated against you?

You don't. It is not about taking the blame, or the shame for anyone else's actions.

If someone did something that was wrong, it doesn't stop being wrong. Never think that you have to excuse abuse in order to heal.

You deserve to have a beautiful life now, in spite of whatever happened then.

You have the power to create it for yourself, if you are willing to take charge of your life now. From this moment forward are you willing to do WHATEVER it takes to have the life YOU DESERVE?

Extraordinary Lives Don't Happen By Accident

Just wanting things is not enough. People talk alot about manifesting their dreams, but manifesting is not something that happens, it is something you do. It is an action word.

If you are reading this, you have most likely looked at your have looked at your life now, and come to the conclusion you want to make a SIGNIFICANT change. Maybe you want to make more money, find your soul mate, or strengthen your marriage. Maybe you are ready to develop your confidence, or help others to do that and become a certified life coach. Whatever it is you want to achieve one thing you can be sure of: you are going to need to do some things to make that happen.

Think about how you have gotten anything SIGNIFICANT in your life. First, of all, it was exactly that: SIGNIFICANT. It meant something to you. For us to be willing to make big changes, to take big steps, we have to understand why we are doing it. There has to be a reason.

Don't just consider what you want. Think about why you want it. What impact will the changes have on your life and on all of the people in it. How will you be able to help your family? How will you be able to help your friends? How can you serve your community? Will this enhance the world and benefit the global community?

Now think about what you are willing to do to make this happen and what changes you will be making? Are you prepared for the things you will be doing and the changes that your results will bring. Your life will change when your dreams come true- you can bet on it. You will be busier. You might not live in the same house anymore across the street from the same friends. Your children may no longer go to school with the same kids. You may travel much more. You might be home later. What are you prepared to gain and what are you prepared to give up?

Set Your Goals & Smash Them

Now give yourself permission to go for it. Don't wait to feel ready. You never will feel ready enough. Decide on your most exciting, (and most uncomfortable) goal and write it down. Make it a priority and focus your energy on this one goal. Yes, you have many more but tackle one at a time with single mindedness and zeal until it is achieved.

Give it everything you've got and start with your most powerful tools: relaxation, meditation, and visualization!! What? Yes, these are three of the best tools in your arsenal to propel you toward success. You need these to fire your intuition and imagination and fuel perception, reason and will as you develop strategies and stay flexible in all that you do.

Each day commit to take another step closer, and celebrate each achievement as you go.

I used to make long to do lists, with 10, 20 or 30 items on them and then carry over the un-done items from one day to the next. Instead keep your to do list no more than 3 or 4 items and concentrate on one thing at a time. Every time you complete one, celebrate! You have gotten one step closer to achieving your goal. Results come faster and you feel amazing. Your subconscious gets the message, every day that you are a winner, a completer of tasks, and an amazing success.

Once one goal is complete look at how you did it. Examine all the things that worked well and all the things that didn't and see where you can learn lessons that will benefit you for the next goal. Choose something special to acknowledge your effort and then move on to the next on your list.

Whether you started out wanting to have an amazing new relationship, career, or build a new business, or to write the book that is waiting inside you , there will always be another goal. We are wired to want to keep learning and growing and expanding. It is the process of growing that keeps us feeling alive and free.

If you want to learn how to create a life that works for you that you love, to reach your maximum potential and expand and grow and to become an extraordinary woman contact me today at I look forward to connecting with you. I offer free 30-minute clarity sessions to get a sense of what it is like to work together and to gain clarity quickly about how to create a life that works for you.

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