Have You Asked Yourself Is This All There Is?

If you are asking yourself if there is more to life than what you are living, then you aren't satisfied, are you? Life is short, so however long you have spent feeling this way is too long. I know that you know that and yet ...

What is stopping you from taking your life from blah to extraordinary? Before I became a certified life coach in Canada I felt the same sense of discontent for a long time too. I spent years feeling like I "should" be happy. After all, I had beautiful kids, a beautiful house, a good job, a partner. But I wasn't happy.

There was a part of me that knew there was more for me. My soul knew that I had work to do and a purpose to fulfil. For me, that was helping people discover their worth, transform their life, and achieve their highest potential through lifecoaching, and as an energy healer in Toronto..

What about you? What is your soul calling you to do?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do others tell me I am really good at?

You might not be the best judge of your own worth at this moment in time. Many of us undervalue our strengths and amplify our weaknesses. Start by asking friends and family what they see as your best qualities.

  • What am I doing when time seems to fly by?

When we are doing something we are passionate about time just doesn't exist. There could be a party going on around you, and it would go unnoticed. Start noticing when you have moments like this and then consciously create them in your life. Fill your time with things that bring you joy: go on a nature walk, play with your dog, take an on-line course. An extraordinary life doesn't happen by accident, it is a series of memorable moments that you make.

  • Who are the people I feel the best being around?

Yes, I know we all love everyone. Still, some people are challenging to be with, and you feel like you ran a marathon after an afternoon in their presence. There are other people that light up the whole room and you feel energized and lighter after spending time with them. These are the people to make your inner circle and spend significant time with. They know how to be connected to their own light and love, and they are showing you. They are modelling happiness. Pay attention to how they spend their time.

  • What was my favourite activity when I was a child?

As adults, we may have forgotten how to be passionate. We focus on what will make us money, or be responsible, or what we think other people want us to do. You can't create your extraordinary life living someone else's ordinary expectations. So, remember who you are. When you were a child, did you dance, skip, jump everywhere you went? Did you sing? Were you the kid that took everything apart to see how it worked? Or the kid who knew how to figure out a solution to any problem? Remember what you used to love, well you probably still do.

  • When have you felt the proudest of yourself?

It is easy to think up flaws, mistakes, and regrets. Human nature puts more emphasis on the negative than the positive overall. That means if we have the opportunity to feel good or bad, we often, out of habit, choose to feel bad. You can't find your real soul self, or your highest calling in the middle of a pity party. It just isn't possible. So, it is time to kick the negativity to the curb.

You have a lot of positive stuff going on in your life. It takes keen eyes to see it. Are you willing? Then, start to focus your attention on the good things you have done, and are doing. Think of a time when you have been proud of yourself for something. Maybe you smiled at someone when they were down or gave $1 to that lady struggling on the street, or you completed a task that you worked really hard on. Think about it, see yourself doing it, hear everything around you, feel the warmth it generates in your heart. Spend time with this emotion. Try this every day, and see how your life explodes with change.

  • What are 3 things you admire the most in others?

No one is perfect. I have rough edges. I can be pretty blunt, and even though the information might be dead on the way, I say it cannot be heard. A friend of mine has a knack for telling precisely the same hard truths, no bullshit, in a much gentler way. I love that, and I have tried to draw on her skills. Am I selling myself out? No way. I am growing and evolving like we are all meant to do, so that I can be the best life coach I Toronto.

You can be you. And you can change. Where do you consistently stumble in your progress? What 3 traits do you wish you had? Be honest with yourself. It might mean you learn how to tone it down in some ways, or it might mean you need to ramp it up. If you are scared to put yourself out there, then how can you live your passion?

Whatever you've identified that you admire, live. Start to be gentler or bolder. If generosity was on your list, give. If kindness was on your list, be kind. If confidence is something you admire and struggle with, get a confidence coach to help you and be confident in your life today. Choose to include in how you define yourself, things you admire the most.

This is how you unlock the truth that you have always known: there is more to life than what you are living. You have the power to create your own extraordinary life.

Much love and light,