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How Do You Find Time To Do What You Love? Why Aren't You Already Doing What You Love?

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

How many times have you said, “I’d love to do that, but I’m too busy”? or “I know I could be living my best life, if I could just get my s%*! together.”

Well, listen how much more time do you need than the last 600 plus days?

The truth is we have all just had a massive time-warp and it is about time to realize the problem is not about time.

There are exactly 24 hours in every day. You and I have the same number of hours, minutes and seconds in the day as the folks you see “getting things done”, and “living their best life”. So, what is the difference? Do they all have nannies, personal assistants, and chefs making life run smoothly? Some. But, absolutely not all.

How Do You Make Time For What You Want To Do?

1. Let’s Get Real:

When you say “I don’t have time” how often do you actually mean “I don’t want to, right now”?

People are uncomfortable saying “no” and will formulate excuses, even to themselves. Your subconscious knows, though if you are not genuinely too busy. It knows if you are blowing smoke up your own behind, and you will feel a sense of discomfort, angst, and anxiousness in your spiritual, energetic, emotional or etheric body.

Eventually, you will end up feeling physical discomforts like anxiety, depression, headaches, body aches and pains. When you are out of alignment with your values for too long, it shows up until you reconcile the difference. Stop lying to yourself.

Take an inventory of what you are avoiding by using time as an excuse. Is the time excuse getting you out of things that you are afraid to do? Are these things that will push you to be a bigger, better, more competent, confident, stronger person if you would just DO IT?

2. Discover What You Like

Is it possible you don’t know what to do? When you are trying to spend quality time with yourself it is tricky when you don’t know what quality time means to you.

Meditation is a beautiful way to discover who you are and what you like. It is a means of tuning in.

Sometimes people have a sense that meditation requires a huge commitment of time and a great deal of discipline. Unless you are planning on becoming a monk, (and even then) you can start with a simple practice of a few minutes a day. The main thing is to be willing to let go of a need for perfection, make room for divine guidance and be open to the opportunities that arise.

If you are unsure about how to meditate, check out my Free Meditation Guide

3. Consider What You Are Doing

You might be surprised at the ways you are spending your precious time. Yes, precious. This life is a gift that you have been given to spend as you see fit.

Start to pay attention to the way you are allotting your time, and how much of it is simply slipping away.

When you picked up your phone this morning did you intend to spend 2 hours scrolling through “Dogs In Silly Dresses” videos or did that time just escape you? Hey, if that was your plan, that’s fine. Everyone needs a way to unwind and maybe that is your jam. But, if you meant to be playing with your child instead then, oops. You just lost 2 hours that you will never get back.

Don’t let your life get gobbled up in meaninglessness. Choose and use your time wisely.

4. Focus On Getting Things Done

Many of you create lists and love to cross things off at the end of the day. I use to be a list maker myself and I totally understand the feeling of satisfaction as a line goes through an item: it’s thrilling!

There is a problem with a big list, however: it is never done. At the end of the day, I would cross my 4 or 5 items off and still be left with 4 or 5 items undone. Of course, these would just get added to tomorrow’s list and on and on it would go, endlessly.

Instead, I challenge you to rip up your massive to-do list!

In the morning, after your morning meditation write down just 3 intentions for your day. Make these intentions the things you will absolutely commit to getting done. Start with the first one and focus on it until it is complete. Then stop, and take a break and celebrate your success. Then move on to the next until all 3 are done. At the end of the day, your list is finished. And the angels sing, Halleluiah!

5. Be Consistent

The number one secret of success for how to get a lot done in one day and to make those things count is to be consistent. It’s small, consistent action that makes a difference in reaching any goal.

Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey all have morning routines because they work. If you want to find time to live your best life, stop pushing the snooze button.

Start waking up with the affirmation “I am grateful to live a life of meaning and purpose, fully giving and receiving all that the Universe has to offer today.”

6. Work With Someone

While it is possible to do all of these things on your own, it isn’t easy. With me as your coach you get a guide to help you past the excuses, so you can find your truth. I am compassionate and honest with my clients. There’s no point beating around the bush.

You and I go inside and you discover what you like, who you are, what it is that you want to do and why you haven’t been doing it. You learn simple, straightforward strategies to unlearn the old habits that are keeping you stuck and create new ones that lead to the life you want.

All along the way, you get me as your personal coach, mentor and guide to encourage and hold you accountable. It’s an awesome journey when you have someone by your side.

Start your morning routine with this meditation from my Insight Timer collection. With love and light, your coach,


I am so glad you are here. I don't believe in coincidence. You were guided to find me for a reason and I believe that is because your story resonates with mine.

You are a smart, creative woman who might not realize yet just how beautiful and powerful you are. are about to. Like me, you will discover your confidence and discover yourself.

It is time to live your best life. My virtual door is always open. #LifeCoaching #Timemanagement #Love #Light #Time #Loveandlight

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