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How to Go From Blank to Beautiful When You Visualize

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

"Meditation, visualization and affirmation." My one: one life coaching clients will tell you this is their step 1, day 1 instruction. I ask all of my clients to start a regular routine of meditation, visualization and affirmation. But, what if you are not a visual person? What if you are someone who is honestly doing their best and yet as soon as it is "that time" a wall of black descends. You got…nothing.

Some people have trouble with meditation, and we have talked about tips to help with that (and we will again, no worries). Some folks struggle with reframing their negative critic (otherwise known as telling it politely, and compassionately to shut the F up). We have talked about how to reframe (and if you missed it, again, no worries we will again.) because it is a skill that takes practice. And some people just don't visualize easily. Don't worry - just because it comes easy to some people doesn't mean it is easy for all.

Visualization is something you can develop. We are all able to visualize in our own way. Honestly, we are all creative, spiritual beings even if you do not feel the spirit flowing through you right this second. After years of being shut down, and numbing out our intuitive voice, it might take a little practice to learn to let it in again.

First, you might not be a visual visualizer. You might get impressions in a different way. How do you daydream? Do you get a sense of things in your head, heart, or gut? Maybe you don't see a picture as such, but you get an image in a different sort of sensory way: tingling, or heat or cold and an idea in thought or sound form? These are just as valid if the end result is you have a message or impression that makes sense to you.

Second, do you believe in what you are doing? Do you think that your life can be any different than what it is? Check yourself. If you are holding on to doubt and disbelief, then that is a big wall for a vision to climb, and it isn't going to bother. Why would it? You are the gatekeeper of your future success. Your subconscious MUST believe what you consciously impress on it. But, it is not going to buy a bag of hooey. You cannot trick yourself. If you aren't fully there, don't fake it. Start by being WILLING to believe that happiness and success, and whatever you want is possible. That is something you can run with.

Third, if you just cannot see the details of what you want, try seeing why you want it. You might not know all the details of the life you want, but you know why you want to change. For example, maybe you have an idea you'd like to help people struggling with obesity, you know you want to be able to:

  • Have more time with your family

  • Make your own hours

  • Help people feel good in their own skin

  • Help people feel empowered and confident

  • Have the means to travel

  • Work out every day

  • Have financial security

So, you have a lot of information there. See yourself doing all of these things. Connect to what it would FEEL like doing these things. How satisfying would it be to help someone who has struggled with obesity their whole life, then be able to spend time with your own family, go for a run, and know you have money coming to you every day that will let you do the things you enjoy. Imagine having the time to plan a trip and having the money to take it when you want to.

Connect to the activities and to what it feels like to be able to do them.

Once you have a vision record it. Either write it out like a beautiful love story that you can re-read every day or record it and listen to it in a loop at night as you begin to drift off to sleep. Nighttime is a powerful time to introduce new ideas to your subconscious mind. It is relaxed and ready to receive. This is a perfect opportunity to impress your vision.

In meditation, we try and draw our mind back, continually asking it not to wander. In visualization, let it go. Once spirit has started to flow and the vision is emerging don't restrict it. Let your mind wander freely.

Don't worry about how. Visualization time is not planning time.

It is not up to you to figure out how right now. It is time to relax and let the spirit in you flow. Let it be. Let your intuitive mind speak in its own way. You are the co-creator of your future, and when you can see the end result clearly, the Universe will be able to work with you to bring the people and circumstances in your path to help you bring it to life. There is no need to get so caught up in "the HOW". Let yourself get caught up in the vision and the Universe will assist you with the how one step at a time.

If you would like some help to get clarity with your vision and purpose, I would be honoured to help you. Once you have a clear vision, you can set clear goals to manifest the life you desire.

Contact me today for a FREE 30-minute session to get started.

Much love and light,


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