If you are like me you find that the days tend to fly by! And there are only so many hours in each of those days. So, what to do with the minutes and hours of each day is something to consider. We only get so many after all.

I enjoy writing, it is one of the things that really does bring me joy. It is also something that takes some time and thought and consideration and I don't always have enough to sit down and devote to a full page every day.

I realize that this is contrary to my own preference for the long version of things, the full story, the richer experience, and yet I must fess up ....I have discovered instagram.

It is a social media platform that unless you have been living in a cave somewhere you have heard of it. You might not know how it works or like it much but guaranteed, you've heard of it. So had I and I had always thought it was just for millenials who liked to take lots of selfies. (Very judgey of me)

Turns out, it is actually, an excellent resource for anyone who wants to reach people. Selfies are definitely part of it and I have learned how to use a selfie stick as required. More though, it is a way to communicate a short message in an impactful way. A picture and a brief commentary that can catch attention, and make you think, or feel or take an action is a great way to reach people.

I love it. I don't think of it as a chore of a part of a strategy. I think of it as an excellent way to deliver bursts of information and inspiration throughout the day. I have published more than the blogs you see here and I will continue to add to the site but by and large I will be doing more and more Insta-blogging.

I hope you check it out. @

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