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It is Never Too Late To Follow Your Dreams - Women Starting Over

Updated: May 12, 2021

Is it ever too late to follow your dreams?

Women Starting Over

Starting over can conjure up some terrifying images of aloneness and poverty. It can bring to mind thoughts of leaving or being left, of a life that you wanted desperately not having worked out and feelings of abandonment and failure. That is not a pretty picture, but it keeps far too many women trapped in an unhappy relationship, career or other circumstance for far too long.

In reality, life is not intended to be a static experience. It is fluid, moving, flowing, and we are made with moving parts to bend and flex and flow with it. We are created to grow, learn and evolve.

It is unrealistic to think that what you dreamt of at 5 would be the only dream you'd be allowed to have for the whole of your life. Having failed to be a princess, I'd have failed. I personally have had many dreams. Yes, I watched my fair share of Disney movies, and I wanted to be a princess, which I admit, I am not. But, I also wanted to be Wonder Woman: a kick-ass warrior for truth and justice and champion of other women, and that I am.

I wanted a husband and children, and when my marriage ended, it was tempting to see myself as a failure. Instead, I have learned to embrace each subsequent phase of my life.

In my short 55 years so far, I have been a:

  • Registered Nurse

  • Stay at home mom

  • Home Day Care Provider

  • Mary Kay Representative

  • Receptionist

  • Radiation Protection Technician

  • Health Physics Instructor

  • Certified Life Coach

  • Energy Healer/Reiki Practitioner

Some of these things were not my dream; they came about by necessity. I became a nurse when I realized that what I thought I'd been destined for: Early Childhood Education was not for me. I was not a good fit, for it and it was not a good fit for me. I love children, but I don't love a class full of them, so I discovered. Being a home daycare provider and Mary Kay rep were ways to make an income while I was at home. And the receptionist was my first foray back to the workforce as a single mother. Being a Radiation Protection Technician and then a Health Physics Instructor was challenging and brought me excellent skills and financial security.

Yet, none of those things was my dream. Growing up, I wanted to be a wife and mother. That dream was realized. I have 2 beautiful, grown children and now a gorgeous granddaughter. My ex-husband is a kind, loyal, good man. We didn't work as a marriage, yet I am grateful for the gifts that I received from our shared experiences. Yes, our children. But far more than that. We share a history of love that being parents can never undo. We created life together. That is sacred. What an awesome and extraordinary part of my journey we travelled together.

All along the way, the Universe used where I was and found ways for me to serve there. My skills developed, and people were placed in my path in the most remarkable ways. I gained skills, resources, support and friendship. I am blessed to live out this dream: a happy, healthy relationship of respect, passion and love with my beloved. We met and blended our families almost 15 years ago.

When I realized, living without purpose and passion was no longer an option, I became a full-time, certified life coach and have been helping women become their best selves ever since. By guiding women to re-discover their confidence, and worthiness, I get to fulfil my dreams every single day! It is so rewarding to see someone's business take-off, relationship mend, or book get published because they have found the confidence to believe in themselves.

Is it ever too late to follow your dreams?

Here are five extraordinary women who answer this question with a resounding "NO"!

1. Gwyneth Paltrow:

Gwyneth began and is perhaps most recognizable for her work as an actress. That didn't feed her soul entirely, though, and she decided to pursue her other passions. She is a chef, a singer, founder of the hugely successful lifestyle company Goop and an activist.

2. Julia Childs:

Julia didn't learn to cook until 36 years of age when her husband was stationed in Paris at the U.S. embassy. It was there, in Paris, that she took a course at "Le Cordon Bleu". It wasn't until she was 40 years old and her cooking show, The French Chef, became syndicated that she was propelled to stardom.

3. Toni Morrison:

The Bluest Eye was Toni's first book, but it was the Song of Solomon later that eventually garnered acclaim and won The National Critics Award. Toni Morrison was 46 years old.

4. Vera Wang:

Vera Wang started her hugely successful bridal collection at 40 years old after getting engaged at 39 and struggling to find what she was looking for. She'd recently left Ralph Lauren and couldn't get work. Circumstances conspired into an opportunity, and she seized it!

5. J.K. Rowling:

J.K. Rowling was a divorced, single mom when she conceived of Harry Potter and credits her success in her writing with her "lack of success" in anything else. In 2020, she was quoted as having a net worth of £795million.

Is it ever too late to follow your dreams?

For myself and for these women, the answer is clear: It is never too late. The next question then is, of course, "How Do I Start Over?" Stay Tuned for my next blog when I will tell you "5 Tips for Women Starting Over on an Amazing Life."

If you are ready to take your dream to the next level, I'd love to connect with you and show you how now.

Let's talk. Book your free 30-minute session with me today to get started.

Fiona is a Women's Life Coach, Educator and Energy Healer.

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