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Just for Today - 5 Ways to Start Living a Joyful Life Immediately

We can do a lot when we know it's "just for today.! Have you ever had moments where you've had entire conversations with a voice in your head that goes something like this "you can handle it, its just for today, you can get through it.? "Maybe it's a difficult person you have to deal with, or a physical pain you are experiencing.  If you think about it as a constant problem,  you can become overwhelmed with despair. 

Knowing there's an end to the suffering is uplifting and allows us to carry on and push past the pain. So, what about positive things as well? Can that same #mindset help not only lessen suffering but intensify #success ? Absolutely!

It might seem impossible to imagine feeling #joyful,  and loving every moment of your life.  Instead,  try focusing your attention more effectively and directly on this moment.

Here are 5 things to try "just for today " to increase your sense of #positivity, and joy: 1.) Pay close attention to what is happening in your present moment. Notice every time you feel #inspired, or energized by an activity or person. That's something or someone to spend more time on. Notice when you feel depleted, drained or anxious. Perhaps you can reduce the time here and if you do need to spend time with these people or activities  take some time to energize yourself first. 

2.) Imagine feeling joyful, able to give and receive love now, today. #Visualize a light flowing to you from the universe and back. Imagine it is the light of unconditional love and healing and direct it anywhere you feel in need.  You may need to direct it to an #emotional trauma or a physical pain. Visualize yourself receiving exactly what you need in this moment to heal, and how joyful that will feel.  See yourself projecting the unconditional loving light onto others to heal their pain.

3.)Stay conscious of your thoughts,  #feelings and reactions.  Be the observer of yourself and notice when you start to move out of positivity. If your negative criticism starts to whisper that you are not good enough, or about blaming others catch yourself in the act and gently lead yourself back to a more positive way of approaching the situation. 

4,)Just for today be kind.  Be kind to yourself and to others around you.  Imagine they are suffering too, and stay out of judgment as you wish them joy.

5.)Don't make assumptions about what other people are thinking.  If you start feeling uncomfortable with what someone has said  ask them to clarify it. Did you get it right? Often we are listening through a filter of triggers. We are not hearing what's intended,  we are hearing our past trauma.  Just for today,  don't assume you can read minds. When you find yourself feeling happier having spent the day following these principles you can decide.  You can choose to go back to your old ways of thinking,  feeling and reacting. Or you can choose to carry on again, with one more day of joy and #loveandlight.  Let's choose joy. 

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