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Love & Light: What Does it Actually Mean?

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Every single thing in the Universe is made up of energy. You are made up atoms: essentially teeny, tiny balls of energy. You are energy.

Every colour, every sound, and memory consists of an energetic frequency. Every experience and emotion vibrates at an energetic frequency specific to it: just like a radioactive isotope.

Love has a frequency: and it is 528 hz. It is the highest frequency there is.

Light has a bunch of frequencies. This is not science class, so if you are interested in checking out more, this is a cool article explaining how light works in simple terms.

How Do You Use It?

When you were created, I believe that you (and me, and everyone else) were created filled with light and love from source.

Unconditional love and light is available when we know how to access them. Unfortunately, along the way, the connections may have become blocked or partially blocked due to, well…life.

Emotions with lower frequencies like anger, bitterness, resentment, sadness, loneliness, jealousy, fear, etc., have also become a part of the mix. Some of you are vibrating at the frequency of lower, more painful emotions daily. Even if you have a smile plastered on your face, when you are stuck in unhappiness energetically, you are sending out signals to the Universe that attract others and other circumstances that resonate with your vibration.

Take a look at your life.

What are you attracting? If you are attracting negative experiences repeatedly, then chances are you are stuck in a lower vibration. You are not tuned into your love and light.

How Do You Raise Your Vibration?

You can raise your vibration. You can be free of repeating negative patterns. You can experience more authentic happiness and joy in your life. You can transform your energy.

Energy cannot be destroyed, but it can be transformed. How?

Begin by becoming willing to do things differently.

You have tried things your way, and now it’s time to try something new. Find someone, a coach or therapist, you resonate with, and then follow their guidance.

You will be tempted to try the things you have done in the past again, to go back to old, comfortable habits. They didn’t work before, not because you did them wrong but because they weren’t the right things for you. Now is the time to be bold and try a new way.

Be ready to be guided within.

Inside is where the light and love and healing is. It is only by being willing to journey there that you can re-discover yourself, and the answers that are waiting for you. Your authentic essence awaits. However, there are some places that you just will not go on your own. There is a safety mechanism where you will go so far and then, no further unless there is a gentle hand on the small of our back nudging us forward. If you want to go from fear to love, then it is time for a compassionate guide.

How Do I Radiate Love?

Once you have made the journey within, with the help of a loving guide, the love and light are yours.

Re-connect at any moment through visualization:

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in, and release.

Place your hand on your heart, say to yourself, “I am here.”

Imagine your breath entering and exiting through your heart centre. Feel your chest expanding and making room. Visualize a light begin to grow from the centre of your heart centre and imagine a time when you felt loved and a deep feeling of compassion.

With every in breath, visualize the light expand and fill the space within your chest. Let it radiate within you. Feel the warmth of it.

Breathing in and out, imagine the light expanding beyond your body and into the room. Extend that sense of love and compassion to a loved one.

Then as you breathe in and out, imagine the light expanding beyond your room, into your neighbourhood.

Extend that sense of love and compassion to your family and friends.

Breathing in and out, imagine the light expanding beyond your neighbourhood around the world.

Extend that sense of love and compassion to all.

How Do You Send Energy Into the Universe?

Being able to feel the energy of love and light is exhilarating. You can re-charge yourself when you feel tired or choose to feel joy instead of sadness. You can take care of your own emotions and even heal physical pain as you focus your attention on the areas of your body that are in discomfort or tension.

Having the ability to tap into your inner resources and remember who you truly are is a game-changer.

You are no longer trapped in the past. You can release the negative beliefs that have kept you stuck, and as your vibration increases, you send out higher frequencies to the Universe. Instead of attracting old patterns of negativity, you begin to attract who you are now: lightness and love.

Once you change, life changes. The law of attraction has not changed: you attract who you believe you are. You are more confident, stronger, happier, lighter, surer of your worthiness, and so you attract all the circumstances and people who support your belief. It is beautiful.

How Do You Send Light & Love to a Specific Person? (and should you?)

I often sign off “Light and Love” when I say goodbye to people I know. It is my way of letting them know they matter to me; they are in my thoughts, and I wish them well. Sometimes, I actually send light and love to specific people. This is much more intimate and not something I would ever take lightly.

As an energy practitioner, I ask permission before I enter your energy. You have every right to say “no thank you” to me. Your energetic space is yours. I wouldn’t come to plant a kiss on you without permission, so why would invade your energy?

To some, sending light and love is like sending a prayer, and that may be true. My sister said to me once that she found the idea of people praying for her without permission offensive. Honestly, I never considered it until she said it. But, I understand the point, once made. Not everyone shares the same beliefs, and I don’t know the depth of the feeling behind yours. Religion might have very painful connotations for you, and even if your intention is pure, it is not up to me to decide how you should be comforted.

As an energy worker, if I see you struggling, I will ask how I can support you, and I will offer you the option of love and light energy. If you agree that will be helpful, I will definitely send it to you. It would be my pleasure and my honour. If not, that’s cool; let’s figure out what will help.

As for the how, once you have permission, first fill yourself with light. As in the previous visualization, imagine expanding the light from your heart centre, seeing the person you are thinking of, and visualising them with open arms accepting your light as a gift and holding it to their heart and dissolving into their heart centre. Imagine them filling with light and their heart centre expanding, and light filling them completely. Imagine them smiling and feeling loved as you smile and feel loved and loving. See yourself and them in as your highest self and envision the light and love serving only the highest good. Let the Universe take care of the rest.


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