At An Impasse

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At An Impasse

How do you deal with it when you are not getting what you want? Maybe in the moment, maybe some little thing has gone wrong, like your suitcase has been lost. You are tired, you are disheveled and you are sick of being shoved aside while everyone else grabs their case off of the merry go round while you watch your case not appear. Do you take it in stride, since there's not a thing you can do to change it, you can't wish its appearance magically or do you have a mini meltdown? Honestly, for me, it depends on the day. Am I stressed out, have I been taking care of myself? If I am well fed emotionally, physically and spiritually I will acknowledge the inconvenience and deal with the situation practically: shopping trip! If I am exhausted and depleted, beyond the flight, I will not react well. I might cry over it. I will certainly feel crappy about it.

But what about the big picture stuff? Not some inconvenience or irritation of life but a dream or goal that you have been working toward, sweating toward with all your heart and soul? What about when that doesn't show up when you think it should. You are tired, you are sick of being shoved aside while you watch this merry go round too. It could be a degree that you are pursuing and you are in the last stretch and it has gotten considerably harder or now you have entered the practical phase and its not quite what you imagined it to be. Maybe you are single and sick of it. You have gone on enough dates and you just want to find one person who gets you. You might be in a relationship and thought that you had found that life long partner only to be feeling a sense of dissatisfaction and disappointment now that the romantic fog has lifted. Or you might be trying to build a business and for every step forward you feel you take another two back.

What then? How do you deal with this kind of not getting what you want? Do you chalk it up to "that's life" or do you throw in the towel, or throw a tantrum? How do you know when enough is enough versus you are just tired?

There is a beautiful set of oracle cards that I know of and one of them contains a card called "Impasse". It tells a story of a path blocked. Of something in the way of how you want to go. You could keep on barrelling on in the same direction and get absolutely no where or you can take a beat.

You can consider if the path you are on is the best one for you. If so, is there another way to approach your goal? The way you are going, the way you are doing things is not working so can you be flexible and find another way?

It is possible that you are on the wrong path altogether. The card tells of the need to stay open to the truth of the situation even if it is scary and might require us facing choices that we made and choices that we now have to make.

The last part of its message reminds us that we aren't alone on our journey and that if we have eyes to see there are people, guides, messages, opportunities all around us to help along the way. We can learn of the soundness of our path, the need to re-calibrate, the need to choose a new destination when we are willing to go inside and listen to our intuition and receive all that the universe has in store for us.

An impasse is not the end of the road. It is a place to rest, regroup, and breathe. Life is full of possibility. What if the way you thought it "should" be is not really the best for you or the way that you have to go to get to the goal is more important that the goal itself? There may be so much more meant for you than you have imagined. The key is to trust yourself and trust life. The key is to trust that the obstacle in your way at this moment is part of the lesson and instead of raging against it, pause and listen. What can you learn at this impasse? If you are open, there will be something for you.


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