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“Moments That Cry Out to be Fulfilled”

“Your heart is beating, isn’t it?

You’re not in chains, are you?”

What glorious questions Mary Oliver asks in her poem, “Moments.”

We all have a life to live, a life that is crying out to be fulfilled. Are you living yours?

If not, what is stopping you because, unless this is reaching you in a very unusual circumstance, you are not in chains. You are not imprisoned or enslaved.

Even amid a pandemic, and even in a time of social injustice and political unrest, this moment in history is one of the most comfortable for the masses. Most people, those of us fortunate enough to be here in Canada have clean water, clean air, free education, accessible health care, social assistance, and access to information at our fingertips. Many of us live in uncrowded spaces, we have shelter and clothing and enough food to eat. We can literally turn on light and heat with the touch of a button.

And yet, there is a growing sense of dis-ease. More and more people are in need and reaching out to a therapist or a life coach. Mental health suffering is prevalent to degrees that vary from anxiousness to despair even among our children.

If we remain numb to life, waiting for it to begin, like a movie that will play out for us, the moments will continue to cry out. Life doesn’t happen to you. You are the co-creator of your life along with all the energy of the Universe.

Each of us has within us, the same capacity for joy, love, light, happiness and success. And we have the capacity for doubt, worry and fear. You are responsible for the choices you make and the results you enjoy. Either you choose to dive headlong into joy and love, or you don’t.

To stay where you are keep doing what you are doing. You may remain comfortable and safe and you will continue to cry out, desperately in need of fulfillment.

To learn, expand, grow, and evolve may make you uncomfortable and it will require change. You cannot keep doing things the same. When you are ready to step into the life you are meant to live, there is a simple, and effective recipe for success:

  • Dare to imagine the life you want.

Dream big. Don’t think of tiny, miniscule alterations you could make to your routine. Let your imagination gently search your heart’s desire. What is it that you have always loved? What is it that you find yourself feeling alive and energized doing? Who do you enjoy being around? Where have you always dreamt of living? What is your innermost secret longing? It DOES NOT need to make any sense. Just let go and free yourself from what “should be” or “shouldn’t be.”

  • Find out why you want it.

Get clear on why the dream is important to you. Is it because you’ve been told it is “best” for you? Is it to impress someone? Is it because you feel joyful, or feel useful, or helpful? What is it that makes this dream worthwhile to YOU?

  • Set goals in accordance with the dream.

One:one coaching is an amazing way to goal set effectively in line with your higher self. Keep the vision of where you are heading in mind and set your goals accordingly. The life you want is the target and each goal are a missile with laser focus, aimed directly at it. Know the outcome you want for each and everyone and when you want it.

  • Focus DAILY on your goals.

Be like a child in line at the supermarket. “I want a chocolate bar, I want a chocolate bar, I want…”. Every child knows the value of repetition to get exactly what they want. Saying your goals once is not enough. Write them out, every single day.

  • Do the work.

Manifesting and attracting are real and yet they are not like wishing upon a star. You will get what you want when you completely see it, believe it, expect it, focus on it and are willing to DO THE WORK to get it. Roll up your sleeves and get busy. Make the calls, get up and out of bed, go see the client, study for the test. Do the work.

  • Adjust based on negative feedback.

Being focused doesn’t mean being stubborn. Stay flexible so that you can modify your approach as needed while you stay laser focused on your goal.

  • Be prepared for resistance to success.

As you move closer and closer to the target you will also be moving further away from where you began. That might mean moving away from a group of people that are still standing at the starting gate and it can be scary for them to watch you pull ahead in the race. You aren’t competing with anyone; you are being your best and that is your purpose.

You are moving toward joy, happiness, light and love which carry high vibrational frequencies. People who aren’t moving in that direction are no longer on the same wavelength as you. It is hard to connect and that can be scary too and you may feel pulled back away from your target. Sometimes, it can be quite cruel and hurtful.

Often, this is where you give up. The last thing you want is to feel less love, to feel rejected. But remember that you can be a beacon to draw others who are looking for change. When you grow, you can inspire growth. You also will find others who are already in the higher vibration being attracted to you. Like attracts like. The more joyful you become, the more joyful people you will attract.

Resistance is a wonderful sign that you are progressing. A personal life coach can help you stay on track when you are struggling.



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