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Set the Right Goals For the New Year!

We are approaching the New Year! Halleluya!! Let’s all sing and dance in the streets as 2020 comes to a close. There have been some wonderful blessings and there have been some obvious universal challenges. As one year ends and the next approaches, the inevitable dilemma of the resolution arises: do you make ‘em or don’t you?

Some people will make a list; a “wish list” of things that they want to happen in the year ahead and kiss on them at the stroke of midnight. Things like: “this year I’m going to get in shape”, “lose 10 pounds” or “stop smoking”. Maybe the list will include changing some negative personality traits into positive ones such as “I’m going to be nicer this year.” or “no more anger.”

Personally, I’m not a fan of resolutions. They tend to be vague, generalizations, that have been recycled year after year. They don’t work, or at least not for long.

Instead, as a life coach, I would much rather help my clients set some goals that they can sink their teeth in and get real, concrete results. Some people don’t love the term GOAL, it feels a bit too serious or “business-y” and they are not interested in setting business-oriented goals. But, humans are by nature goal-driven. We must have something to strive for. If we don’t, if we have nothing

to focus on or look forward to, we lose our centre. That is why so often when a person achieves the promotion they have worked so hard for or retires, instead of being the happiest they have ever been they experience a period of sadness, emptiness and loss. They can sink into depression unless they find some new project or goal to set their sights on.

I recommend setting a series of goals. One short term, one a bit further out and one for the long haul: 3 months, 6 months and one year works well. Be willing to give your attention to one thing at a time. Settle on a PRIMARY GOAL. What is the one that you really, really want to achieve the most, now? It’s likely that you will have more than that one in the works, but focus your energy on your primary goal until it is completed.

How will you know it’s the right one? Know why you want it. Be able to answer these questions:

  • I want it because………….

  • It excites me because …………..

  • I feel emotionally connected to it because…………………

  • I will know I’ve achieved it when ………………….

Once you have decided on the goal be clear, concise and specific. It is not a New Year’s Resolution it is a goal that will become a reality. So spell it out.

I am happy and grateful that I am ___________________________________ by ________________ 2021.

Start to see beyond your current circumstances. See yourself living as if you have already achieved the goal. Write it out in great detail, exactly as you want it to be, how you want to look, how you want to talk, walk, feel, who you want to be with, what you want to be hearing, where you want to be living.

There is a system of steps to get you from A to Z. It won’t just magically happen but knowing what you want and holding the image is a very important first step. Now that you know your destination you have set your course, you have put out into the Universe your intention. You are setting your sights and raising your vibrational frequency to the exact one necessary to attract what you require. Please don’t underestimate the power of this step. It is critical.

I’d love to help you with this step. A lot of people struggle to set the right goals. They settle for what they already know, what they “should” be doing, or what others think they “should” be doing. They are afraid to shoot for the stars and aim for their dreams. With help, you can gain clarity on what you really want your goals to be. And then, I’d love to help you with all the steps to follow as your dreams come true.

Contact me today for a clarity session at or visit my website to book your appointment.

Have a wonderful New Year and may all your dreams come true.

Much love and light,

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