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The Inner Workout™: How it Changes Your Life

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

The Inner Workout™ is a daily support system created by Colleen Hoffman Smith to keep you mentally, emotionally and spiritually fit.

In 2005 I was in a dark place. I had been on my own as a single mom of two for 5 years, and I truly thought that leaving my marriage would be the answer to all of my problems. At first, I felt very free and light. People would say to me, “you look amazing”, and I would joke, “I should; I just lost 180 pounds.” Really though, I loved my husband, and it felt as though it had taken everything I had, all my courage, all my strength, all my hope to go forward. After a brief period, I was devastated to discover that while some things were better, I still felt a deep sense of discontent, and I couldn’t understand why.

From the outside looking in, my life looked good: my kids were healthy; after re-entering the workforce, I’d landed on my feet and was working in a good company, making great money and doing valuable work. Inside though, I felt so alone. I found myself thinking negative thoughts and second-guessing myself. And I wasn’t making wise decisions.

I was longing for love and approval, and I looked for it in relationships that reflected my lack of worth. My own values and sense of integrity were overshadowed by a need to fill the ache that permeated me at my core.

At my lowest, I felt powerless, hopeless and resigned to being unhappy. I decided that there was just something wrong with me. I felt so broken. Emotionally, I was shutting down and physically, I was exhausted all the time. I honestly believed that it was time to give up: relationships, myself, and happiness.

The Inner Workout: It Changed My Life

And then, I discovered the Inner Workout™ at a small group workshop conducted at a friend’s house by Colleen. At first, I was reluctant to participate because the idea of meditation seemed a bit strange to me, but within a few moments, I felt something unfamiliar: safety.

As I was guided to visualize, something else totally unfamiliar started to emerge: a feeling of self-compassion and love. It was incredible, almost overwhelming. I could hardly believe how something so simple could feel so good.

But it did; I had just experienced it myself.

The Inner Workout™ changed my life, right from the very first session, where I began to feel peace, love and a sense of self-worth inside of me.

That gift of self-love is one I am so grateful to have discovered then and blessed to share with my own clients now. In 2009, I became certified in the Inner Workout™, and now I teach others the daily practice.

The Inner Workout: It Can Change Your Life

You can experience lightness as you reach a natural state of pure love. Learn how to connect to your emotions safely so you can release negativity, speak your authentic truth, see things with clarity, open your compassionate heart, and discover your personal power.

It is simple, and that is one of the best parts. If you are like me, then the simpler something is, the better. When I over-complicate things, I find all kinds of reasons not to do them. It is a complete guide supporting your journey to inner peace.

With this strong foundation in place, you can identify your feelings, needs, and wants. With

total clarity, you can co-create your future self from the healthy vibrational energy of self-worth. You can make better decisions, take care of yourself, attract your soul partner, manifest the life you are meant to be living.

My life turned around in so many positive ways after I gained this amazing tool. I didn't suddenly become perfect but I knew my worth and I attracted people who knew it too. I stopped living for others and began to live in accordance with my highest self. You can only create the life you are meant to be living when you know who you are. Emotional strength can be developed and I would be honoured to be your partner as you discover yourself, your confidence and your power.

If you are ready to learn more about the Inner Workout™, do things differently and to get your life together with a life coach then the very first step is to find a coach that you trust and that is a good fit. Click this link for a FREE 30-minute consultation and let's explore the possibilities together.

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