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Values vs Beliefs: A Battle Worth Fighting

Imagine you want to be a world-class speaker. You dream of changing lives with your inspiring story of triumph over adversity. You have overcome struggle after struggle: childhood bullying, abusive relationships, even homelessness. You feel strong, you are a survivor and you want others to know there is hope, to never give up. It is your passion. It is your mission in life.

You have honed your craft, put in the work and now you are ready.

So you tell yourself today you will make the call. Today you will contact the organization hosting an amazing event and give them your pitch. You will tell them your story and how much you want to be a speaker at the event and why. You are going to put yourself out there. You start with writing up some notes, then a quick break, maybe a walk to clear your head, and you remember today you need to get the oil changed on your car, maintenance is so important and only takes an hour. On the way home, you stop for groceries, put them away just in time for the kids to get home from school, ready for a snack, help with homework, dinner, bath and bed.

The day is done.

What just happened?

Its just one day.

Maybe. But, not if there's a belief in the way.

If you have a belief stopping your dream you will keep finding ways to never reach it.

You think you want something and value it with all your heart & soul. But if subconsciously you believe its wrong for you, you will not allow yourself to achieve it.

In this case, the belief you secretly hold might be: you are a rat if you tell private business to outsiders. If that is the case, for you to be a speaker, a PUBLIC speaker, inspiring the world with your story, would translate to exposing private matters and a deep inner part of you would become something and someone reviled and shameful. You'd become a 'rat'.

Until this belief becomes a conscious awareness, there's a losing battle going on.

No matter how much energy you expend wanting to use your voice, you will stop before crossing that imaginary line and remain silent.

Once the belief is exposed, there's a fighting chance. Now you have power and control. You can make a choice. You can begin to inquire of your self:

  • Do you really believe that telling the truth, telling your inspiring story makes you 'a rat'?

  • Is this your belief?

  • Have you inherited?

  • When did you first take it on?

  • Why?

  • Is it valid?

  • Does it fit you?

  • Does it serve to make your life better?

By examining the belief with a life coach and answering these questions you shine a light on it. The fact is many of the things we carry subconsciously as beliefs are not true. They were never true. They were someone else's opinion, or they were handed it from generations before and just continued to pass it along to you. Some may have served a purpose at a time. There are beliefs in place to keep us safe. This one, to not share private information with outsiders, may have kept you safe from repercussions when you were a helpless child. Old childhood beliefs while once helpful, as adults create barriers to intimacy, connection, growth and adult success. Its time to release them.

You can be the successful speaker if that's your goal. You can be anything once

the winning combination: values, beliefs and goals are aligned.

To learn more about how to discover your passion, uncover your limiting beliefs and create winning goals contact me. Let's talk today.

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