Why it is SMART to Set a Goal That You Can't Get (Easily)

“A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.” – Bruce Lee.

When I first talk with a client in our free 30-minute session, I ask them an important question: “what is your goal?” I ask the question not because this is necessarily going to be what we work on during our time together but to see how low they are setting the bar for themselves. Almost always when we first start to think of what we want to accomplish, especially when we are being asked to voice it OUTLOUD, the target is only slightly off from where we already are. Our thinking is lateral. We are willing to tweak our life, and make minor modifications. We are trying to stay in our comfort zone.

Someone with a job they hate wants another job in the same industry. Someone in a miserable relationship intends to find a way to be less miserable. Someone earning a reasonable amount of money wants to make an increased, more reasonable amount, someone in an apartment wants a house, in a home, wants a bigger one, driving a car, wants an SUV.

One thing in common: everyone wants happiness.

We can achieve these goals, no problem.

That is the problem.

When a goal is totally achievable, it is too small and comfortable. There is no growth and no learning involved. And growth and learning are the ONLY REAL GOALS in life. If we give up the challenge and excitement that come from being out of our element, we stagnate. Yes, we probably can end up in another job, or another relationship, but we will not be happy. Or at least not for long. Because the real goal of setting goals is to go within, find what our inner drive and purpose require us to bring to fruition.

It needs to feel ALMOST impossible for you to reach the goal. I want my clients to DREAM BIG. I am expecting the initial opening goal will be a slight deviation from the norm. That is fair. Let’s get that out of your system. Now, what do you REALLY WANT? That is where we want to end up. When we work together, you are going to make a QUANTUM LEAP in your life. You are going to get the job you have always wanted, start the business you’ve imagined, attract your soul partner, make the amount you usually make in a year in a month, drive your dream vehicle, have harmony in your family, write the novel inside of you. Those are goals worthy of you and not ones that you are just settling for.

Life is too short to play it safe and stay in your comfort zone. You are here on this planet, in your physical form for a reason and it is about time you found out what that is. Isn’t it? And once you know, it is about time to start moving in the direction the Universe wants you to move. I guarantee that is not in a boring, same old, run of the mill, direction. It is a new, exciting adventure. If you are not already living by your highest values and achieving your maximum potential, then that is the direction the Universe will be nudging you towards.

The best goals don’t come easily.

They come when you are ready to recognize your power as a manifestation of spirit and work diligently, consistently, and with a focus to let spirit work through you. It takes practice to do things differently, to listen to your intuitive, wise voice, and to follow an organized plan of action every single day until you reach the summit.

Aim high. Let’s talk about how to set the RIGHT GOALS for you to live in alignment with your highest self, and reach your maximum potential.

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