Connecting to others and feeling loved is a basic human need. 

And yet, whether we are in a relationship or not we can struggle to feel that sense of intimacy and connection.  I know.  I have been single, I have been married and divorced and a single parent.  I have blended a family.  There is no magic person that comes along and makes everything ok.  And there is no peace in isolating yourself. 

So What Is The Answer? Until you are willing to go within and do the work of healing, you remain separate.  Unconscious beliefs create patterns that stand between you and the deeply intimate relationship you desire. 


Change is a process and it can be a rapid transformation. 


  It is from a place of truth that you can return to love. First, with yourself and then with a partner who is attracted to the positive, clear vibration that is you. 

What Does It Mean For You? It may mean you discover that you are able to stay and build a loving partnership or it may mean having the courage to recognize that you need to compassionately start a new chapter of your life. You

gain the clarity, strength and freedom to make conscious choices in your life. 

With This In Mind

I would like to help you on this healing journey.  I know that love, intimacy and connection is possible for you.  

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