Some gifts from me to you

Wondering if a life coach can help you?

Here are some things to consider when choosing your personal life coach: 
1. What are you hoping to get out of it?  
 Do you know what you want or are you looking for clarity?  I help you become laser-focused on what you want so that you achieve it.  
2. What kind of coach are you looking for? 
Are you looking for someone to build your business, then you aren't going to want to see a coach who specializes in nutrition.  Are you looking for relationship coaching then an executive coach is not for you.  Some coaches, like myself, take a more holistic approach.  I focus on life as an overall experience and you as a whole person.  When you learn to shift your thinking and energy habits in one area with me you can apply them in all areas. 

3. Do they get results with other clients? 
You want to know what you are spending time and money on works.  That is fair.  Ask for testimonials from other clients.  They should speak to the quality of the results, not just the coach being a "nice guy".  Check out what my clients say.  I am kind, absolutely and I also ask hard questions and hold them accountable so they get the results or EXCEED the results that we set as goals. 

4. What are their own results? ​
If you are working hard to make your life successful using their strategies, do they even use them?  I have manifested a life I love by using the tools I teach.  By finding my inner light, and worthiness, clearing out my limiting beliefs and focusing 100% on my present and future success I have built a business, found my beloved, created a home and family that is exactly what I envisioned.  I am not perfect and life still has challenges, as it should.  Using the tools and accessing Universal source I am prepared for any challenge. Life just keeps getting better and better. 

5. Is it a good fit? 
Even if everything is right on paper, do you click?  Trust and rapport are crucial aspects of a successful coaching relationship.  Life coaching is a partnership.  If you aren't feeling it, it isn't a good fit.  Similarly, the coach may not feel like it will work.  I assign homework to my clients and expect that they are at least as committed as I am.  And I am always all in.  If the client isn't willing to do the work fully, if they just aren't quite ready, then it isn't a good fit. 

6. Do they "tell" you what to do? 
A coach is not a doctor or therapist.  A life coach is not an advice-giver.  My role is to help you find the answers that are already there.  You actually know what you want right now.  You know how to get there too.  The problem is that you have developed some negative habits and destructive energy that keeps you from accessing the information.  Once you identify and heal what needs healing, you are able to listen to the inner wisdom and connect to your higher self.  I guide you in ways to rediscover your intuitive voice and the help you build the confidence to listen to it. You take control of your own life. 

7. Do they walk the walk? 
Life coaches need coaches too.  As I said, my life still has challenges.  I know that I need help too.  I use the tools I was taught by my life coach and mentor years ago every day.  I also seek help on a regular basis with my business goals, my relationship, my personal and spiritual goals in order to stay accountable, on track and aligned with my values and higher self.  I am worth it. I also listen to my gut, my heart and soul and follow my own intuitive voice.  That is the key. 

8. How long will life coaching take? 
The initial life coaching partnership usually lasts for a few months.  In one session you can identify what is in the way, and even release negative energy and connect to your inner light.  It feels amazing.  It usually is not enough to create lasting results. Twelve weekly sessions, 3 months takes you well on your way.  The six-month package is designed to ensure you have the time, support, consistency of application to get long-lasting results.  You are only as successful as you believe you are and it takes time to shift life long paradigms.  You get support every step of the way to make sure that the work you are doing stays done.  Because I believe healing is a life long journey, once a client always a client and I see returning clients for check-ups.  Group online sessions are also an excellent way to maintain results and accelerate progress. 

9. How much do you have to invest? 
Personal life coaching is an investment.  It increases your sense of self-worth, your happiness, health and wealth.  Whatever your dream, it can come true with the work you do with your coach - if you invest yourself in it fully.  That means committing.  Most people are more committed to things they have paid for and so, yes, it does cost money.  
However much you pay, it is not going to work if you don't.  You cannot buy success.  Success comes from doing your homework, being ready and on time and 100% open to your sessions. If you cancel appointments, don't do homework, hold back information, it doesn't matter how much you pay you will achieve nothing.  
I guarantee to always be all in with every client.  I invest my time, energy, experience, expertise & heart and soul.  A free 30-minute chat will help us determine if we would be a good fit to work together. 

10. What is your inner wisdom saying? 
If you are feeling an urge to try then I suggest you follow your gut, quickly before your habits of doubt and negativity shut you down.  If you have gotten this far, you are looking for positive change.  What do you have to lose?  Something in you is crying out for a different way and a better life.  Why not listen to that voice starting RIGHT NOW.  
Start with a FREE 30 minute Clarity Consultation, contact me to set it up by clicking the link or email me at or TEXT 647-203-8506.