"What I most admire about the way Fiona works is her incredible adaptability.  While we have plans and goals for what we aim to achieve in our sessions, often things we hadn't anticipated arise and take precedence.  

Fiona makes her ability to shift gears appear completely innate and effortless.  She has an incredibly diverse toolkit of techniques at her disposal, and no two sessions are alike.  Fiona's unique blend of talk, visualization, and meditation brings remarkable insight and compassion to her work. 

Don't let her gentle presence fool you, she can be very direct and cut through any nonsense or self-limiting beliefs you throw at her, while always maintaining her genuine kindness and wonderful sense of humour.  I always leave our sessions feeling uplifted, inspired, and hopeful. 

                                                                         -- Katherine D. 

"I'm reaching out to you with love.  I am having a good week.  Since meeting and working with you my energy has changed.  I wake up happier, it is easier to stay in positive energy throughout the day."

                                                -- Renata S. 

"I really appreciate you, Fiona and what you do.  I enjoy knowing it is safe to feel and experience things since meeting you and getting your help. 

                                                     -- Melanie H. 

"I learned to overcome fear." 


-- Wilma H. 

"I learned new practices I can use anytime when I need them." 

                                       -- Kanthi T. 

"Professional but kind and thoughtful, just wonderful to work with. 


                           --  Pamela C. 

"Fiona is a very wise and professional coach.  Working with her can be life changing. 

                                        --Colleen H. 

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