The Inner WorkoutTM

What Is It? 

It is a simple, effective tool, developed by my mentor, coach, author & speaker, Colleen Hoffman-Smith.  It allows you to discover the love, power and strength within and can be learned quickly and applied immediately to your everyday life. 

Quick Story

If you are struggling right now in any aspect of your life don't despair.  I was once in a bad place, I had everything you could ever want on the outside and yet I was dying on the inside.  I was miserable, and I was making terrible choices in my life.  I had tried everything and was ready to give up.  

Thankfully, I found a life coach. Coaching is very different than counselling.  It allowed me to do both the emotional discovery and develop the practical strategies, in a way that resonated with me.  It addressed my mind, body, spirit and emotional fitness.  Finally, things started to make sense.  I started to really feel the love and peace that was always there but that I had closed myself off from when I closed off from my inner child.  

Happy Ending

By using the Inner Workout, a beautiful visualization, I was able to safely address old wounds.  Not to lay blame but to move on and to move into the present in a strong, focused and powerful way.  I can't say it was always easy but I always had my coach's help and support and I had new tools. 

The techniques help you free yourself from the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in unhealthy patterns and cycles in relationships, career, friendships, family and well...all of life. 

Rapid transformation is possible for you.  You can be happy.  Love and light are within you.  You just need to do the work to remember and rediscover it. 

Smiling Child
Happy Girl Jumping

Heal Your Inner Child 

There is a reason why you are living the same story over and over again and you feel so disconnected.  You are not connected to your emotional body

You have lost touch with your inner child. They are still there, still with you and waiting for you to return. 


Some of the issues we are trying to heal now are rooted in our childhood.  If we keep ignoring the pain of our inner child, we might fix a circumstance, we might leave a relationship or quit a job and feel a bit better for a while.  We might even think we are "all better." But focusing on the outside will never heal the ache on the inside.  For complete transformation, you need complete healing and that means being willing to go within.  


You are not that little child anymore.  You are not powerless anymore.  You are strong.  You are confident.  You are empowered.  When you choose to be.  Learn how to unlock the love, energy, and purpose available to you at all times.  Learn how to love yourself again. 

Fiona Bennett guides you through meditations, visualizations, and the Inner Workout, a simple and effective practice that keeps you connected to your personal strength.  Contact Fiona now to learn ways to create healthy love, self-worth, and accept the abundance and joy that the Universe has in store for you.  Book your personal life coaching session or distance reiki session today. 

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