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Life coaching:  is not counseling or therapy.  

You aren't here to get diagnosed with anything or to spend years on a couch.  It is definitely not about blaming anyone for your feelings, issues or life.  

Life coaching:  is about getting quickly to the heart of the matter.  When you are struggling in marriage, finding a partner, choosing a career, pursuing your passion, connecting to your higher self, or healing from trauma you want things to change.  So do I.  

Life coaching:  is about lasting, rapid change.  We work together to go where the real work happens: INSIDE.  You and I become partners on a journey within.  

Life coaching:  is a collaboration.  You are in charge of the destination and I am your guide.  I have the skills, training, tools, expertise, and the map.  You have the light that leads to your answers, the courage to take one step at a time, and the commitment to stay the course.  

Life coaching:  is for people who are ready to think, feel differently.  It's for everyone wanting to be more positive and energetic and create a life that they are happy living. 

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