Is it ever too late to follow your dream

My Philosophy is ...

It is never too late to follow your dreams! 

I started out as a registered nurse a long time ago. It gave me some great gifts:  the ability to assess, prioritize, solve problems and a love for helping people.  But nursing was never my dream!  


To be honest, I've done a lot of things that weren't MY DREAM! They were what needed to be done at the time, or they were things that I felt I should be doing to make other people happy.  A lot of my life was spent living UNCONSCIOUSLY, just going through the motions, surviving. 

I always wanted to be married and have children and I did do that! The trouble was, I'd no idea what a healthy relationship looked, sounded or felt like.  I walked into it with a fantasy and brought all my woundedness with me.  Both of us did.  

When it ended, I was devasted!  That was my dream shattered.  I had failed! And of course, it was easier to blame him and the circumstances than to recognize my own painful part.  It took another, worse, toxic relationship to jolt me into a realization: hey, it might be me! 

When I met my life coach I was ready to WAKE UP.  She helped me realize that I could DREAM again!  My life was far from over.  All I had to do was heal and clear the woundedness out of the way.  

I learned to BREATHE again.  I learned to GO WITHIN.  I HEALED THE WOUNDEDNESS.  I was set FREE. 

I got an amazing six-figure job, that could support my family (and then some), met my beloved and my stepson, travelled the world,  got certified as a life coach, and started my own business.  

Life is amazing! I am doing what I love and am meant to do, fulfilling my passion and purpose as a life coach helping women transform their own lives. 

If I can do it, you can do it.  It all started with that one decision to trust myself enough to work with my life coach.  I listened to my own inner voice and ignored the fear.  I went with my intuition, the inner guidance system that is built-in by the divine to help us find our purpose and live our most amazing, extraordinary lives.  The life we were meant to live.  

I couldn't have done it on my own.  To go where we need to go to do the deep healing, it takes help from someone who has the expertise, experience and compassion to walk with you.  That is what a life coach does.  That is what I do.  I walk with you to face the fear, to blast past it, to discover your confidence and to discover yourself.  

It is never too late to follow your dreams.  I am proof of that! 


Fiona and her partner enjoy time with their blended family of 3 grown children, a glorious grandchild and their loyal dog at their homes in Stratford and Toronto, Ontario. 

She is a certified life coach, educator and energy worker practising her expertise through: 

  • Personal 1:1 coaching programs for women

  • Life coaching certification training programs

  • Courses in Women's Confidence & Empowerment, Feminine Power, Motivation, Leadership

  • Energy Healing for Body & Mind 

  • Speaking

  • Blogging

  • Corporate Team Building

  • Corporate Program Development

  • Corporate Women's Empowerment 

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