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Fiona Bennett Life Coaching for a Succes

My Philosophy is ...

If I can do it you can do it! 

I started out as a registered nurse a long time ago. It gave me some great gifts:  the ability to assess, prioritize, solve problems and a love for helping people.  But it is my intuitive voice and the willingness to listen that is my biggest gift! 


I am no longer nursing, my life has taken many different turns since but some things have never changed:  my love of helping women be the best version of themselves and my gift of intuition.  

I went through some difficult times to get where I am in my life today.  Things didn't change for me on their own.  I had to have help, and I had to learn to change from the inside out.  

I had come out of an unhappy marriage, I was lost in the marriage, and I was still lost out of it.  Leaving hadn't fixed anything.  I was on my own with two children, starting to find a new career, with very little money, support or confidence.  Finally, I met a life coach at a friend's house and she asked if I was willing to try things differently?  Was I willing to "invest in myself?".  

At that moment I knew, even though I was scared, that it was the right thing to do.  At that moment I made a decision, and my life changed forever. 

Then whoa nelly, did things change!  And fast. Once I began to feel better and do better and take control of my life the pieces started falling into place. 


I got an amazing six-figure job, that could support my family (and then some), met my beloved and my stepson, travelled the world,  got certified as a life coach, and started my own business.  

Life is amazing! I am doing what I love and am meant to do, fulfilling my passion and purpose as a life coach helping women transform their own lives. 

If I can do it, you can do it.  It all started with that one decision to trust me.  I listened to my own inner voice and ignored the fear.  I went with my intuition, the inner guidance system that is built-in by the divine to help us find our purpose and live our most amazing, extraordinary lives.  The life we were meant to live.  

I couldn't have done it on my own.  I am happy and grateful to have found my coach.  She reminded me about the Goddess within me and I'd love to help you find your inner Goddess and start creating your extraordinary life today. 

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