Allow me to introduce myself.

I am so glad you are here.  I don't believe in coincidence.  You were guided to find me for a reason and I believe that is because your story resonates with mine.  

You are a smart, creative woman who might not realize yet just how beautiful and powerful you are. are about to. Like me, you will discover your confidence and discover yourself.  

It is time to live your best life. 

Hi. I'm Fiona

My Philosophy is ...

It is never too late to follow your dreams! 

Sometimes I still have to pinch myself. Today I live with a supportive, loving partner: I attracted my beloved. We have a blended family of 3 beautiful kids, and a granddaughter who makes our heart sing and I am living in a place I absolutely love, doing work that is totally in alignment with my soul.


Life wasn’t always like this. My outer life is a reflection of my inner life. (So is yours)


My life started out with loss, and isolation.  I was less than 1 year old when my dad died tragically and suddenly and my mom pulled into herself and away from us.  Each one of my fractured family created our own set of beliefs about who we were, and what life was, based on that event and the abandonment and hurt that followed.  


For years I lived as if I was different, broken, unworthy and unlovable.  The world honours us and it supported me in all of my limiting beliefs.

Looking from the outside in, you would see a smart, strong, capable woman.  I graduated as a registered nurse, I married my high-school sweetheart, I had 2 beautiful children, and a house.   I had friends and I spoke up for others.

What you didn't see was the void on the inside, the gaping woundedness, and aching for something more.